Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year...

with bronchitis! Oh what fun!

I knew I shouldn't have done my long run on Saturday! But I'm STUBBORN! I don't like for things to slow me down. Mother Nature, you might slow me down, but I won't go down without a fight! I did skip out on my run this morning since the coughing has gotten worse & I have a lot more congestion in my chest.

I was looking out my kitchen window this morning and saw my training partner, Ruthie, running by herself. I so badly wanted to be out there with her! I know how lonely it can be when running by yourself. One of the other girls left on a cruise yesterday and the other hasn't run in over a week because she's had out of town family here for the holidays. Once school is back in session, maybe there will be some sense of normalcy..back to a routine...back to running at 5am...UGH!

So this lovely bronchitis has me spending my last two days of Winter Break on the couch doing as little as possible. Any other time, I would LOVE this! But it's different when you're forced to do it. I probably won't even make it to midnight to ring in the New Year. At least I found a clinic opened in town & got some good meds and antibiotics. Hopefully I'll be up & running in no time!

Happy New Year! Start the new year off on the right foot....or left! Just START!

Saturday, December 29, 2012 ain't got no alibi...

What an ugly run! I was hoping for 11 miles, but it just didn't happen. I did make it to 10, but I honestly don't know how. I do have an alibi! Because of Mother Nature's roller coaster ride, I'm developing another sinus infection with lots of coughing & some chest congestion. Yesterday I felt like a Mac truck had run over me! I had chills & body aches. I spent the majority of the day with the vaporizer, resting, and drinking lots of hot tea & water. I even had a date with Dr. Teal in the hopes that the body aches would go his Epsom salts! Took some nighttime generic sinus pills & prescription cough syrup...slept like a baby!

Woke up feeling a lot better, so I decided to get my long run over with. It was cold & windy! My buff came in quite handy today. I didn't care how goofy I looked in it...was trying to keep from breathing in the cold air directly. With about 3 miles to go, it began spitting snow. I was beginning to think I was seeing things from the sinus meds, but Ruthie confirmed the snow. Ruthie started a little earlier than me, so I had to finish up the last 2 miles on my own...I decided to hit the golf course. Big mistake! I was slow, my legs didn't want to move, it was hilly, and I was having to dodge puddles from yesterday's rain.

I just kept telling myself..."Make it to 10! Make it to 10! It doesn't matter about your time!" Does time matter on a long run? I just wanted to hang on. Isn't it more about endurance?

So 10 miles it was! Ugly as it may have been! A run is a run...

Chocolate milk, Neti pot, hot tea, soak with Dr. Teal, roll out with the Y foam roller, and more cough syrup...COMPLETE! Now enjoying couch time while watching snow flurries & a movie in my compression socks. Taking down Christmas decorations later...sad...don't want it to end!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Taking the Christmas Gifts for a Test Run

I have to say...Santa was pretty darn good to me!

I received my very first pair of Mizunos...Wave Rider 16. I don't know that I'd say I had a "brilliant" run as they describe, but they weren't bad for the first time wearing them. They're going to take a little getting used to...I've been nothing but a Nike girl. I sort of feel like I'm cheating on my Nikes. I felt like I needed to try something different, especially with my training.

Santa did hear my pleas for a water bottle with a neoprene sleeve! This morning was the perfect morning to try it was pretty cold...and my hand never got cold from holding it! Another plus that my running buddies will appreciate is that this bottle doesn't squirt spontaneously, it's not a quickshot like my Nathan bottle. This new bottle is made by Amphipod...I think I'm going to like it much better.

My mother-in-law got me (with the help of my husband) a new Nike beanie & thermal head/earband and Swiftwick socks.

I also asked for a buff like they wear on Survivor, but a cuter design. I wanted something that I could wear around my neck or pull up on part of my face...for really cold mornings. I believe you can wear the buff 12 different ways...haven't mastered them all yet. I wore the buff and Nike beanie this morning. I pulled the buff up over my nose at times...I'm sure I looked like a bandit or something.

Once I got back from my run, I tried out my new foam roller. It's not just any 'ol foam's called the Y roller. I say it looks like a torture device. I must admit that it felt pretty good rolling out my calf muscles.

Forgot to mention that we got a dusting of snow late Christmas night & early the day after. There's talks of freezing rain over the next two mornings. Hopefully it won't interfere with my long run on Saturday.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Then One Foggy Christmas Eve... (literally)

Ruthie, my training partner, came to say... "Jennifer, with your feet so fast...won't you run speedwork with us?"

Ruthie's son came home for Christmas & they were planning to do speedwork. I was thinking maybe they were doing 400s. I've done fartleks & some 400s...I hate speedwork as much as I hate hills! NOOOOO...not 400s! They were doing a 2 mile warm-up, 4x800s, with 400s recovery in between, and a one mile cool down. I've never done 800s (running as hard & fast as you can for half a mile). I didn't feel so fast the last two 800s, but I survived! Maybe Santa will find my lungs on the route & return them tonight.

Oh, I forgot to mention our lovely friend Mother Nature! On Saturday, it was 20 degrees. Today, I ran in shorts & t-shirt...also tried out my new Pro Compression them! They are forecasting snow for Christmas night into Wednesday morning...3-5 inches possible. Crazy, unpredictable weather in Tennessee!

Merry Christmas to each & everyone! May your RUNS be merry & bright!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Double Digits of Death!

So I survived the Mayan Apocalypse, but I barely survived today's long run! I'm just now sitting down for the day/evening to blog & chill out...I am beyond pooped!

My training partner, Ruthie, and I started out at 6:45. I believe this was the coldest morning so far. After about a mile, I had to come back to the house for my thicker hands/fingertips were so cold they almost felt like they were burning (if that even makes since). After 4 miles, we meet up with our running buddy, Beth.

As we're running out of the comes Beth's dog, Sophie...she's gotten through the electric fence for the second day in a row! We decide to run the small block with Sophie in tow, then try to get her put up. All the other dogs in the cove were out. Needless to say...the word TREAT did NOT phase her! Finally, after about 5 minutes or so, the state trooper across the street was able to catch her.

Once we started back up, it was like starting all over! Burning, cold hands again. And now sweaty & cold. After about 8 miles, everything from the waist down felt like lead & ached. I was regretting that I didn't try out my new Pro Compression socks...I've never worn them before...(note to self--wear compression socks on long runs, no matter how tight my running tights may be). I did wear them for the rest of the day for part of my recovery.

We made it 10 miles, but nothing about it was easy or fun. Well, I take that back...there was no wind...unlike yesterday...that did make it somewhat easier. Hopefully I'll be able to move tomorrow & not wishing that the Mayans were correct!

On a good note, my husband brought me another "run happy". Better than cupcakes! He said he was proud of me for making it to 10 miles & sticking with it. I am proud to say I've found my niche...I AM a RUNNER!

Now, for my 2nd date of the day with Dr. Teal!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the End of the World as We Know It...

And I feel FINE...

Ok, so the end of the world hasn't happened yet. I thought I'd celebrate being alive with a short run...4 miles. And man was it blustery! Mother Nature strikes again! Temps around 30 with a windchill of 15 at 7am and 20+mph wind gusts. My running buddy, Beth, and I decided to run the golf course for some hills & the hope that the trees might block some of the wind. We kept it short since my long run is tomorrow...going for 10 again...and we were tired of fighting with Mother Nature.

Even though it was windy, I was glad to get out. Since our Christmas party on Wednesday, I've eaten nothing but JUNK! Some of my students gave me homemade goodies that I've been snacking on. Wednesday evening my husband & I went to the Rendevous in Memphis for a cheese plate with sausage & ribs. Then we went to the casinos...I had a free night. On the way home yesterday, we stopped at Cracker Barrel...cinnamon streusel French toast...YUM! 'Tis the season to eat & run!

Now to enjoy the creature comforts after a cold & windy run...
Neti pot...check!
Green tea with honey...check!
Jingle Jammies & cozy socks...double check!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mother Nature! Make up your freakin' mind!

It's the middle of December, and it's warm enough to wear shorts at 5 am! Just last week I was bundled up & my water froze in less than an hour. There are still frogs in my koi pond! Mother Nature, you're taking us on one wild roller coaster ride. I'm surprised my sinuses aren't screwed up more. Thank goodness for the Neti Pot!

I decided to throw a little speedwork into my run today...which I absolutely loathe. I did some fartleks within the 5 miles. I think my lungs are still on the route somewhere! I have to admit, it wasn't so bad...and I was pleased with my times. I guess now that I've built up my mileage some, I've got to start doing more speedwork.

My ugly sweater from the Ugly Sweater Run got another wear out of it today. Some of us teachers decided to have Tacky Sweater Day. My students got a kick out of it. (See previous post from the Ugly Sweater Run)

Countdown to Christmas Break= 1 1/2 more days!

Christmas Break=

Half-Marathon is 2 months from today's date...Feb. 17! I CAN do this!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rewarded Sweetly...

My sweet husband brought me cupcakes as a reward for hitting the 10 mile mark. I think I just gained back all the calories I burned off this morning, but it was SOOOOO worth it! I just ate one called hot chocolate...they told him to heat it in the microwave...all I can say is-- HEAVEN in a cupcake wrapper! I have a red velvet cheesecake cupcake still calling my name...I may have to save it for tomorrow. I haven't eaten this kind of junk in a while! Oh well, 'tis the season for running!

Double Digits!

In the words of Sheldon Cooper..."BAZINGA!" I did it! I finally made it to 10 miles!

I can do this! I think I can...I think I can. The half-marathon is still two months away. Now the goal is to remain injury & illness-free.

I really wasn't sure if I'd make it 10 miles...rain in the forecast, gusty winds, & my training partner was dropping back to 8. I was scared I'd be tempted to stop whenever she did. We ran into some sprinkles/drizzle along the way & and very brutal winds. I finished up the last 3 miles on my own. I was afraid if I turned back with my partner & saw the house, I'd want to stop. Plus, I'm stubborn! I said I was going for I went for it. The last 3 miles were lonely & I could tell I was starting to drag. Mother Nature's brutal force kicked my butt, but I can say I did it!

I must thank the makers of Dr. Teal's Epsom salts & foaming bath soak, as well as The Stick!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor Showers, Hills, and a Ninja Cat...Oh My!

What a great morning to view the meteor showers! I had almost forgotten about the showers. We were headed down toward "the Delphus" of our dreaded hills, when I saw the brightest streak shoot across the sky. Amazing!

On the way back up, I spot the cat I've called "Ninja Cat". This is the third time seeing him/her. It crouches down in the ditch & tries to sneak up on us like a ninja. It has tried swatting at my legs since I'm always closest to it. Then it tries to run with us. It is the cutest thing. I may not say this if it ever gets my leg!

What adventures are in store for me on my long run in the morning? Hoping to make it 10 miles. We shall see...

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Great Run for Meteor Showers! by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yep! It's definitely beginning to feel like December!

The past two days have been quite cold...below 30 degrees with windchills around 20! Usually it's not this cold, this early...makes me wonder what our West Tennessee winter is going to be like over the next few months. Last year, we had a fairly mild winter...I don't think it ever got below 20 degrees.

Yesterday's run wasn't that bad. I got warm, except for my fingertips...and I even wore 2 pairs of gloves. I finally had to leave my water bottle on a curb after the first mile or two. Eventually my fingers thawed out. SANTA? Do you hear me? I NEED that neoprene-sleeved water bottle!!! I even hinted around to "Santa" last night about how cold, almost a burning cold feeling, my fingertips the hopes that maybe I'd get an early "sympathy" gift. Santa didn't hear my "cries"!

So this morning, I took my bottle down to where I meet one of my "sole sisters", but decided to leave it on the curb. It was colder out this morning...I definitely didn't want cold fingers again. I wound up running farther...unintentionally, and when I got back to my water I tried to take a drink only to find that my Nuun had become a frozen slushie!

One more run before my long run on Saturday. Unfortunately they'll be back-to-back days since we had rain on Monday. Hopefully I'll have enough energy for my long run...going for 10! Keeping fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Ugly Sweater Run

A hot mess is all I can say!

I drove through torrential downpours to get to Memphis. I was starting to worry that I wouldn't get to display my "ugliness". I got there early to pick up my packet and get a 3 mile run in before the start. Luckily I just got sprinkled on a few times during the first run...which I did in my normal running clothes. I wasn't about to run more than I had to in that heavy sweater vest! Keep in mind we've had an unseasonably warm December so was in the 60s.

Not only was my ugly sweater & attire a hot mess, but I felt it! Let's just say Christmas sweaters aren't made for runners!

Since I had plans to do some Christmas shopping afterwards, I decided to go by a friend's house to shower. I had to stop at my favorite running store...Breakaway Running...since it was on the way. Of course I went in there with all my "ugly" garb on! They started taking pics to post on their running page & even poured me a Sam Adams Winter Lager in one of their Breakaway pint glasses.

After that, I went by Chick-fil-A to pick up lunch for my friend & myself. The drive-thru line was ridiculous, so I decided to go in...boy did I get some strange looks!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Run streak...How do they do it?

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I AM EXHAUSTED! I don't know if it's work & winding down the semester or running more days & increasing my mileage...maybe BOTH! I ran Monday, Wednesday, today (Thursday), and will run Saturday.

How are people doing the Run Streak challenge that Runner's World has going on??? Two days in a row has worn me out. I was able to speed up some & squeeze in 5 miles, whereas I usually get no more than 4-4.5 miles in. My calves are SCREAMING! It doesn't help that I stand on concrete all day long. I'd love to participate in the challenge, but I just can't commit & I don't see how my tired body would make it. I wish these people would share just half their energy with me.

On another running note, my long run on Saturday won't be as long...backing off just a little. If the rain holds off, I'm running the Ugly Sweater Run ( in Memphis. I plan to run 2-4 miles before the 5k at Shelby Farms (great forget you're even in the city). Ugly sweater...check. Christmas tutu...check. Candy cane striped knee socks with fur...check. Reindeer antlers...check. Oh, did I mention? The temps have been in the 70s!!! The high for Monday will be 47!!! Gotta love Mother Nature!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Longest run to date...

Yay for me! The longest I'd ever run was 8 I ran 9!!! I must admit, after seeing pictures on Facebook of the St. Jude Marathon weekend, it makes me a little envious. I'm starting to get excited thinking about my first half-marathon in February. I never thought I'd be a runner or even enjoy it...and to run 9 miles?? I can do this!

Thank goodness for "sole sisters"! If it wasn't for them, I don't know that I would've stuck with running. I've been training with & planning to run the half with this lady that I jokingly call "old woman". I mean this in the most loving, "old woman", if you're reading this you are truly my inspiration & I just hope I'm still going strong when I hit your "mark"! Anyhow, "old woman" has a son a few years younger than me...I forget how many half-marathons & full marathons she's run, but it's impressive! If it hadn't been for her, a little RynoPower, and some Gu, I probably wouldn't have made it to 9 miles. She can kick butt up the hills & put me to shame! She kept telling me to think about what I was going to eat for breakfast afterwards...kind of funny because we haven't been to the grocery store! All I had to look forward to were crappy, frozen blueberry pancakes and chocolate milk.

The best part was the stretching! I found my 10 Minute Solution Yoga on YouTube!!! Why didn't I think to look there before now? I have so missed doing this yoga! Then I had another little treat...I found out that one of my student's mother, who is my massage girl, was set up at our local holiday mart doing chair massages. I even convinced her to do a little work on my calves...BONUS!

What's in store for me next Saturday? The Ugly Sweater Run!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh What Fun it is to Ride...

Mother Nature's rollercoaster! 

Mother Nature, you're killing me!  This up & down weather has my sinuses all jacked up.  Temps in the upper 20s & lower 30s for morning runs at 5am and daily temps in the 40s & 50s.  By the weekend we'll be in the 70s???  So now I'll be pulling my shorts, running skirts, and tank tops back out?  Make up your mind please...I beg of you!

I woke up with drainage, a headache, and a slight scratchy throat.  I'm trying to follow Nike's motto & "Just Do It!"  So I sucked it up & ran this "sole sisters" were counting on me.  Hoping I don't feel worse for my long run on Saturday.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exhaustion, Wind, & Evaluation=Good Times!

Good Times! (oozing with sarcasm)

Last night I felt a little drainage creeping in, so I decided to take something...I guess it was taken too close to my nighttime pills for headaches, because I felt like I was awake more than I was asleep. I was also trying to be cautious since my husband moved & dropped a heavy mechanic's table on his shin, which was extremely swollen. I was afraid I'd bump or kick his leg in my sleep...I AM a kicker...or so I've been told!

Since my alarm was set to run & I was already awake, I figured I might as well get out. I knew I'd never go back to sleep & if I did crawl back in bed I'd just toss, turn, and be mad at myself for not running. As I'm washing my face, I can hear my Jamaican bamboo wind chimes clattering & clanking together...I'm thinking to myself "Oh, great! I LOVE running in the wind! About as much as I love running "the Delphus" (one of the lovely hills on my route)!" I really need to learn to love the things I hate.

After a 4.5 mile run, I get ready for work...running a few minutes later. I needed to get a few things done in my classroom this morning, so I go about my business, but I've had this inkling that my unannounced evaluation could happen any day now. Yep! That's right! Today was THAT day! That woman snuck in my room like a ninja! I didn't have a clue she was in there! And she is punctual...counts off if you're not on time. Thank goodness...for some strange reason that I can't explain...everything just fell into place! She would choose the week of our most difficult Reading skill: main idea & supporting details. Hoping for some decent scores and feedback! But before I get the feedback, I must type up a detailed lesson of everything I did in an hour and a half.

Can you say STRESSED? Doesn't that say DESSERTS if read backwards? I need some desserts & a RUN!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...

Looking back on my run this morning...I'm not happy with it! I know you're supposed to have a slow, easy run every so often, but there was nothing that felt easy about it! I did my usual pre-run routine...RynoPower Carbo Fuel mixed with a small glass of orange juice & my RynoPower Motivation and Endurance pills, plus a couple of Gu Chomps. None of which seemed to give me any super running powers or energy.

I ran with two of my "sole sisters" at our usual time...5am. We ran our usual route...down in the cove where I meet up with them, then down & up this hill I call "The Delphus" (named after our former sheriff that lives at the bottom of the hill. We typically run "The Delphus" once because it kicks butt! This morning we decided to run it twice!!! Then back to the cove and up to the next neighborhood & around the lake. I only had time for a little over 4 miles, since we were "turtle trotting".

I didn't feel like I was going terribly slow, but my Garmin begged to differ with me! I guess I can chalk it up to being Monday & being the Monday after a long holiday weekend. Hoping the next run gets better...might even try some fartleks! Have I mentioned, besides hills, I loathe speedwork!

Product Review: The North Face Denali gloves

I've been using these gloves for a couple of weeks now. So far, I am pretty satisfied with these gloves. I still have a little trouble with cold fingertips, mainly with my right hand...more than likely due to running with a small handheld water bottle. Hopefully once Santa brings me a bottle with a neoprene sleeve, that will make all the difference in the world!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product Review: Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Tights

I think I am in LOVE! This morning was the perfect morning to try them out. They are lightly lined with a fleece material. I ordered them in a small...a little snug, because they're compression, but not fat rolls or muffin top! I had recently bought a pair of tights at the Nike Clearance store in a medium...they are slightly imperfect...I'm constantly tugging at them! I also own a pair of Under Armour tights in a medium and feel like at times they're falling. Let me tell you, these bad boys I wore this morning didn't budge! I definitely give them an A+ in warmth, comfort, and style!

Going "Mental"...

My long run goal was 8 miles...I did it!!! I couldn't have done it without the company of two of my "sole sisters". We decided to venture out away from the neighborhood, which I've never done before. We got out at 8am...the temperature was around 30, but with a windchill & winds about 7-8mph. We ran about 2 miles or so around our usual route, then decided to switch it up. We crossed 4 lanes of highway...a little tricky on a Saturday morning...made me think of the Atari video game Frogger! We ran a short distance along the highway, then cut across to the less traveled old highway. Soon we were running the grounds of our local Mental Institution...hence the title "Going Mental". I live in a small town...all we're known for is our Walmart & the Mental Institution.

My mother used to work at this institution. As a kid, I remember going there to visit my mom at work, company picnics with all the employees & their families, and church activities. I remember when the grounds looked more like a university than a hospital. The grounds used to be so gorgeous! Now, they have demolished certain wings of the main hospital, neglected other areas, and modernized other sections...what a shame! It was still a nice change of scenery...lots of inclines & declines.

On the way back home, we were coming around our little neighborhood pond/lake...whatever you want to call it, and I noticed someone brought their leftover Thanksgiving bread to feed the ducks & I see why they're so plump!

Now, for the rest of the, relax, lots of "the Stick" usage, Christmas movies, lesson plans, and grading papers. Such is the life of a teacher!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust...

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I splurged on Cajun deep fried turkey, crockpot dressing (best dressing ever...thanks to a recipe my neighbor gave me), corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, macaroni casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce, Sister Schubert rolls, and white chocolate chip pumpkin spice cake. I had all of this again for leftover lunch! I don't want to eat or even look at anymore Thanksgiving leftovers! And we still have a ton of leftovers in the fridge...I hope my husband will take it all to work with him tomorrow!

I was feeling so guilty & miserable for eating so much and not having run, that I forced myself to pop in my 10 Minute Solutions: Pilates DVD. That DVD does wonders! If only Netflix would bring back all the 10 Minute Solutions workouts on Instant Play. I absolutely loved the yoga one! Dear Santa, I hope you're reading this...I really want to do the 10 Minute Solutions: Yoga, again....wink wink.

I'm now ready to take on my long run in the morning. Hopefully going for at least 8 miles! Mother Nature, did I read the forecast correctly? It'll be around 30 degrees at 7am with a Real Feel of 25??? Your "roller coaster" weather is driving me bonkers! Thank goodness I just received my Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm running tights the other day...they feel toasty...we shall see.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thankfuls...

As I ran on this Thanksgiving morning, I had time to reflect on what I'm thankful for:

1.   My health & that I'm able to run.
2.   A loving husband that supports my "addiction".
3.  My running "Sole Sisters"...even though I had to go at it SOLO this morning.
4.  Specially made orthotics & athletic tape to get me through a run...pain free.
5.  My bright green Brooks Breakaway Running I could be visible on this foggy morning.
6.  A foggy morning, so I could run on the golf course without worrying about getting hit in the head by a golf ball.  Once the fog started lifting, it was absolutely gorgeous to take in nature's beauty!
7.  My iPod & music.  Thank you, DJ Little Fever!
8.  My Nathan handheld water bottle & grape flavored Nuun

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Discovery Saturday

I discovered a few things on my long run today:

1.  Peanut Butter Gu=YUM!

2.  If you wait until 8am...when the sun is in full's much warmer...even though the temperature outside was 35.  I'm used to running at 5am, and I've been freezing on my morning runs the past two weeks.  Thank goodness I wore something lighter weight...even though I did have to come out of it before mile 2.  I didn't expect to get as hot as I did!

3.  Seven miles by yourself can be pure torture!  I'm used to running with three other girls during the week and at least one of them on Saturdays.  I had no one to talk to, other than myself & some geese I passed one to vent to about the past one to help me forget about the distance or time.  Thank goodness for my iPod & my @RockMyRun was at least background noise to drowned out my thoughts!

4.  I found a spread for my Thomas' Cinnamon Raisin bagels...Pocket Fuel Crunchy Banana Blueberry=YUM YUM!  It should've been my pre-run breakfast, but I don't eat much before a run.  I had picked up a packet at my local running store & thought I'd give it a try.  Quite a few calories, but also 100% natural & high in protein.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's the old saying..."cold hands, warm heart..."?

With the temperatures dropping here, I've yet to find a running glove that I'm truly satisfied with.  When I first started out, I bought a thin pair of Nike dri fit gloves...perfect for cool days, but not 35 & below.  Then received a pair of Under Armour gloves as a Christmas gift...much better, but my fingertips were freezing.  Last Christmas, I received some Nike fleece running gloves...much thicker & warmer, but my fingertips are still freezing.  Sometimes I have to double up & wear two pairs of gloves.  I carry a hand held running water bottle on my runs...maybe this is part of the I've asked for a new bottle with a neoprene sleeve.  I also bought a new pair of gloves over the weekend, hoping they'd do the trick...some fuzzy, thick North Face gloves...a little better, but still freezing fingertips!  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone have glove recommendations?

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

1st Long Run of Training...

Today was my 1st long run of my training. My plan was to run 6 miles & wound up running 7.5! It was a nice, crisp out around 6:45 am...met my friend Beth after running about 1.5 miles. We ran the golf course...almost forgot how much I enjoy running it, since we normally run at 5am & it's too dark to see (Dear Santa, if you're reading this...I'd love a light that clips onto my visor or some Knuckle Lights!), but boy was it hilly!  Maybe the combination of Ryno Power supplements & Gu Chocolate Outrage helped me go the distance.

I may pay for the distance tomorrow...went shopping after my run, which was a little over an hour away=cooped up in the car & not able to stretch my legs good. I did visit my favorite running store...shout-out to my Breakaway Running peeps. Trying to get ideas for Santa. I've run in nothing but Nike I tried on some Mizuno Wave Rider 15s & 16s, and Precision...I think I might be sold!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Third time's the charm!

Tonight I ran the University of Memphis True Blue 5k for the 3rd time.  I PR'd with a time of 26:16 and placed 2nd in my age group, and that was with two brief walk breaks due to side stitches.  Man, I've got to either learn to pace myself in the beginning or some new breathing techniques.  Anyone else have trouble with side stitches?  Tricks...recommendations?

University of Memphis True Blue 5k by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday, October 26, 2012

To Gu or Not to Gu?

With training starting soon, I've been told I need to try Gu & test different flavors until I find one I like. At what distance in your long runs do you use Gu? I'm curious if the chews are better than the gels or vice versa. I'd also like some recommendations of flavors. HELP!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Here goes...

This is my very first blogging experience.  I've been teaching for 13 years,, I'm not a teacher in training.  Hang on!  Wait a minute!  I am a teacher in the sense that I am a teacher  that RUNS!  I've been running for about 2 1/2 years now.  I always said that I wasn't a runner, but put one foot in front of the other & just did it!  I learned what a runner's high felt like, and from there began MY way of life.

My longest run to date has been 8 miles.  I've run many 5k's and 4-milers, and 2 10k's.  I'm putting this out there for whomever to see...I plan to start training, hence the title "Teacher in Training", for my very first half-marathon that will take place in February 2013...just before my 38th birthday!  It's time I finally stepped it up.  I'm somewhat nervous & excited at the same time!  This is where my journey begins...