Saturday, November 24, 2012

Going "Mental"...

My long run goal was 8 miles...I did it!!! I couldn't have done it without the company of two of my "sole sisters". We decided to venture out away from the neighborhood, which I've never done before. We got out at 8am...the temperature was around 30, but with a windchill & winds about 7-8mph. We ran about 2 miles or so around our usual route, then decided to switch it up. We crossed 4 lanes of highway...a little tricky on a Saturday morning...made me think of the Atari video game Frogger! We ran a short distance along the highway, then cut across to the less traveled old highway. Soon we were running the grounds of our local Mental Institution...hence the title "Going Mental". I live in a small town...all we're known for is our Walmart & the Mental Institution.

My mother used to work at this institution. As a kid, I remember going there to visit my mom at work, company picnics with all the employees & their families, and church activities. I remember when the grounds looked more like a university than a hospital. The grounds used to be so gorgeous! Now, they have demolished certain wings of the main hospital, neglected other areas, and modernized other sections...what a shame! It was still a nice change of scenery...lots of inclines & declines.

On the way back home, we were coming around our little neighborhood pond/lake...whatever you want to call it, and I noticed someone brought their leftover Thanksgiving bread to feed the ducks & I see why they're so plump!

Now, for the rest of the, relax, lots of "the Stick" usage, Christmas movies, lesson plans, and grading papers. Such is the life of a teacher!

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