Monday, December 24, 2012

Then One Foggy Christmas Eve... (literally)

Ruthie, my training partner, came to say... "Jennifer, with your feet so fast...won't you run speedwork with us?"

Ruthie's son came home for Christmas & they were planning to do speedwork. I was thinking maybe they were doing 400s. I've done fartleks & some 400s...I hate speedwork as much as I hate hills! NOOOOO...not 400s! They were doing a 2 mile warm-up, 4x800s, with 400s recovery in between, and a one mile cool down. I've never done 800s (running as hard & fast as you can for half a mile). I didn't feel so fast the last two 800s, but I survived! Maybe Santa will find my lungs on the route & return them tonight.

Oh, I forgot to mention our lovely friend Mother Nature! On Saturday, it was 20 degrees. Today, I ran in shorts & t-shirt...also tried out my new Pro Compression them! They are forecasting snow for Christmas night into Wednesday morning...3-5 inches possible. Crazy, unpredictable weather in Tennessee!

Merry Christmas to each & everyone! May your RUNS be merry & bright!

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