Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday

This morning was my last run of Summer Break...BOO! Man, it went by extremely fast! Compared to Monday's run, this run was like getting slapped in the face with a soaking wet, hot towel! It was so muggy outside...probably the muggiest all Summer! "Coach Ruthie" & I ran together. I tested out my new "jumper's knee strap" today...I turned it to the side over my fibular head...didn't feel any discomfort until around 2.25 I'm able to go a little further each time before feeling anything.
I tried a steeper decline & hill...first one since my ITBS injury. I didn't notice any discomfort (this was before reaching 2.25 miles). I made it about 3.25 miles before having to take a brief walk break...then made it to 4.1 & thought I was headed back home, while "Coach Ruthie" continued to complete her 6 mile run. I briefly walked again, then thought I'd see what I could do before pain. I made it 5 miles! YAY! Now tomorrow I may not be saying YAY. Maybe the "jumper's knee" strap turned to the side worked.
Here's my run:
It's like being slapped in the face with a soaking wet, hot towel! by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

By the end of my run, I was soaking wet...felt like I had jumped in the pool with all my clothes on! I can't wait for cooler, Fall temps!

This evening I'm headed to the gym for some yoga. I need to bring some calm before THE STORM! THE STORM being back to work tomorrow...SIGH! I can't wait to use my new yoga mat definitely made me smile!
A recent find at Ross Dress for Less...I couldn't resist the birds!

Summer Break went by so fast & I feel like I was just starting to enjoy it since I'm getting back to running. Oh well...see you next Summer, Summer Break!
From my all-time favorite movie...

Move it Monday (a few days late)

Here's my "Move It Monday" a couple of days late...trying to enjoy the last few days of my Summer Break...SIGH!
I started the day out with a run at 5:30am. Here's my run:
Make it Count Monday by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details. The weather was so nice!  According to my Garmin it said the temp was 64...some of the girls were even complaining about it being COLD. Can you believe it? Cold in July in Tennessee? I thought it felt AMAZING! One of my former students from my first year of teaching, 13 years ago, joined us. Everyone was doing speedwork, but I'm still not fully recovered from my ITBS injury so I'm scared to try any speed yet.

My energy level seemed high in the beginning...maybe due to me starting over taking my RynoPower Supplements. My pace was even a little faster than it has been for me still having discomfort...not that I'm a speed demon or anything! I think I had a couple of very brief walking moments, but still made it 4 miles!  It's PROGRESS! I'll take it! I can feel my spirits starting to lift...the old me starting to come back!

After my run, I figured I'd do some P90x abs since I was already sweaty & my energy level was not totally depleted (by the end...that was a different story).
One day maybe I'll feel like this...
Since this was my last Monday of Summer Break to spend with my husband, we headed to Memphis for a little shopping, lunch, a movie, and TCBY yogurt.
        Some of my shopping finds:
  • a signature stamp I had made at Office Depot with my signature...can't wait to use this!
  • Bath & Body Works White Mango Chill shower gel & lotion for $5 each, plus birthday gifts for my mom
  • at Dick's Sporting Goods: Nike 3" Dash Running Shorts for $21.99 (a little shorter than I'm used to), a jumper's knee strap, Grape Nuun, & Gu Chomps...I had a $30 reward check to spend

I couldn't tell you the last time we went to the movies! We were both trying to think of the last movie we saw in the theater & couldn't. We saw The Heat...lots of language, but hilarious!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Matchy-Matchy or Stylin' & Profilin'?

Earlier this morning, I was looking at and ran across a slide show titled Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas ( As I was looking through the pictures, I discovered that apparently I am GUILTY of one of these! It's called being Matchy-Matchy. Even one of my running buddies refers to me as "MATCHY-MATCHY". I guess I didn't realize it was actually a faux pas...I just thought I was stylin' & profilin'. 

Here is Matchy-Matchy according to Runner's World...
And this is ME, and Chloe, after this morning's run around the neighborhood...
Matchy-Matchy? Well...yeah...but is it a fashion faux pas? I don't know! Let's dissect this picture...
  • my Nike shorts are a pink/fuschia with yellow & teal/turquoise trim
  • my Swiftwick socks are a pink/fuschia
  • my Nike sports bra, though hard to see, is also a pink/fuschia
  • my Breakaway Running (local Memphis running store) North Face tank is teal/turquoise with pink lettering
  • my Bani Bands headband is made of turquoise sequins
  • my shorts also have yellow...nothing else yellow in this pic, but I do have a yellow top that matches :)'s all about getting your money's worth!
  • my Mizunos do not match the outfit, but if you look real close you'll see that the band of my RoadId is purple just like my shoes
So my question to YOU is this...AM I GUILTY OF BEING A FASHION FAUX PAS VICTIM? Should Runner's World have just called me for a pic? Is matching so wrong? Anybody else match their running gear?
**I guess looking at my profile pic, it's pretty matchy-matchy too. Am I secretly being laughed at when I run a race?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back in the Saddle...

After being MIA for a little bit, I'm getting back in the saddle of running & blogging.

A little less than a month ago, I went back to see my orthopedic doctor for my ITBS. He had previously said when I returned he'd probably do a cortisone injection. I wasn't too excited about this & many people were trying to talk me out of it. My PT didn't recommend it because she said it'd make the tendons weak & brittle and could also mask the pain causing more injury. Up to this point, I had worked my way up to 2-2.5 miles, but still had discomfort around the fibular head. The doctor felt I was progressing too much too fast. He told me I needed to stay at 2 miles for while and if I was having pain to lessen each future run. To be honest, this irritated me! I wasn't progressing like I wanted to!

I told my doctor that I had hopes of being at 3-4 solid (no walking) miles without pain by the time I go back to work on August 1. I also told him that by Labor Day I needed to be ready to start my training for the St. Jude Half in December. My plans were to be around 5-6 miles so that I'd have a good base to start with. He still felt that I was trying too much & kept saying that I still had time, but I was getting the panicky feeling that this Half might not happen.

So I guess this is kind of why I went MIA. I felt like my attitude was changing...I was getting in a funky mood. My husband would even say, "TRUST ME! I'M READY FOR YOU TO RUN TOO!" I was missing my running buddies...I didn't want to slow them down & I knew I couldn't run the hills, so I chose to run by myself. I'd get so frustrated on a run, I didn't know whether to cry or kick something...that's when I'd hop my bike & pedal out my frustration. For fear of sounding like Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer, I decided to wait until I was in a better mood to post/blog.

This past Saturday I started out for what I thought would be my pitiful little 2 mile run. I saw one of my running buddies, "Coach Ruthie", running towards me as I was walking to warm up. She was by herself & said how she wished I was able to do a long run with her...she was doing 10 miles that day. I commented back, in passing, "I wish I was too!" I didn't even think to tell her if she looped around the block & stayed flat I'd run my 2 miles with her. Boy was I glad to see her come back around! I wound up running 3 solid miles, then had to take 2 brief walk breaks, but I made it 4 miles altogether! She was so encouraging that day! I've run 2 more times since then & made 4 miles with very brief walk breaks. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel some discomfort when I ran, but I'm not going to know until I try. I will say that I haven't had pain after my runs, so that's a GOOD sign! Maybe I'm on the mend...

For so long I never really had a hobby...something I truly enjoyed. My husband has always been involved with motorcycles. A little over 3 years ago, I found running & it found me! I feel like I truly found myself with running and found a great group of inspiring women to run with in the process. I'm sure there are some people that make fun of me for constantly talking about running, but besides my husband & Jamaica...I'm happiest when I run! I found something I'm truly passionate about, and it stinks when you feel like it's been snatched away from you...if only temporarily.

Besides my running buddies, as much as I may moan & groan...I miss the HILLS! I miss the LONG RUNS! I miss NINJA CAT! I miss being able to leave it ALL on the pavement! I miss ME! Yes, I know all of these things are there waiting for me...and all I can say is....I CAN'T WAIT! I'M READY FOR YA!

**Ruthie, if you're reading this....thank you for being patient & encouraging me!