Saturday, December 1, 2012

Longest run to date...

Yay for me! The longest I'd ever run was 8 I ran 9!!! I must admit, after seeing pictures on Facebook of the St. Jude Marathon weekend, it makes me a little envious. I'm starting to get excited thinking about my first half-marathon in February. I never thought I'd be a runner or even enjoy it...and to run 9 miles?? I can do this!

Thank goodness for "sole sisters"! If it wasn't for them, I don't know that I would've stuck with running. I've been training with & planning to run the half with this lady that I jokingly call "old woman". I mean this in the most loving, "old woman", if you're reading this you are truly my inspiration & I just hope I'm still going strong when I hit your "mark"! Anyhow, "old woman" has a son a few years younger than me...I forget how many half-marathons & full marathons she's run, but it's impressive! If it hadn't been for her, a little RynoPower, and some Gu, I probably wouldn't have made it to 9 miles. She can kick butt up the hills & put me to shame! She kept telling me to think about what I was going to eat for breakfast afterwards...kind of funny because we haven't been to the grocery store! All I had to look forward to were crappy, frozen blueberry pancakes and chocolate milk.

The best part was the stretching! I found my 10 Minute Solution Yoga on YouTube!!! Why didn't I think to look there before now? I have so missed doing this yoga! Then I had another little treat...I found out that one of my student's mother, who is my massage girl, was set up at our local holiday mart doing chair massages. I even convinced her to do a little work on my calves...BONUS!

What's in store for me next Saturday? The Ugly Sweater Run!

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