Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yep! It's definitely beginning to feel like December!

The past two days have been quite cold...below 30 degrees with windchills around 20! Usually it's not this cold, this early...makes me wonder what our West Tennessee winter is going to be like over the next few months. Last year, we had a fairly mild winter...I don't think it ever got below 20 degrees.

Yesterday's run wasn't that bad. I got warm, except for my fingertips...and I even wore 2 pairs of gloves. I finally had to leave my water bottle on a curb after the first mile or two. Eventually my fingers thawed out. SANTA? Do you hear me? I NEED that neoprene-sleeved water bottle!!! I even hinted around to "Santa" last night about how cold, almost a burning cold feeling, my fingertips the hopes that maybe I'd get an early "sympathy" gift. Santa didn't hear my "cries"!

So this morning, I took my bottle down to where I meet one of my "sole sisters", but decided to leave it on the curb. It was colder out this morning...I definitely didn't want cold fingers again. I wound up running farther...unintentionally, and when I got back to my water I tried to take a drink only to find that my Nuun had become a frozen slushie!

One more run before my long run on Saturday. Unfortunately they'll be back-to-back days since we had rain on Monday. Hopefully I'll have enough energy for my long run...going for 10! Keeping fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

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