Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...

Looking back on my run this morning...I'm not happy with it! I know you're supposed to have a slow, easy run every so often, but there was nothing that felt easy about it! I did my usual pre-run routine...RynoPower Carbo Fuel mixed with a small glass of orange juice & my RynoPower Motivation and Endurance pills, plus a couple of Gu Chomps. None of which seemed to give me any super running powers or energy.

I ran with two of my "sole sisters" at our usual time...5am. We ran our usual route...down in the cove where I meet up with them, then down & up this hill I call "The Delphus" (named after our former sheriff that lives at the bottom of the hill. We typically run "The Delphus" once because it kicks butt! This morning we decided to run it twice!!! Then back to the cove and up to the next neighborhood & around the lake. I only had time for a little over 4 miles, since we were "turtle trotting".

I didn't feel like I was going terribly slow, but my Garmin begged to differ with me! I guess I can chalk it up to being Monday & being the Monday after a long holiday weekend. Hoping the next run gets better...might even try some fartleks! Have I mentioned, besides hills, I loathe speedwork!

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