Thursday, July 31, 2014

#FuelYourBetter Review: Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

I was recently given the opportunity to try and review a Vega Sport  product through Sweat Pink & Fit Approach for their FuelYourBetter campaign. I was able to select which product I wanted to try...I chose the Pre-Workout Energizer (who couldn't use a little energy?) Since I run & workout in the gym and sometimes struggle with energy, I wanted to see if this would give me a boost. I was also very curious about the Recovery products, but I haven't "officially" started training for St. Jude yet...I have been doing some long runs & hill repeats, but nothing that has exceeded 9 I figured I'd wait on the Recovery products.

I received a box of 12 individual packages of the A├žai Berry flavor.
Directions: Mix one pack of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in 1 cup (8oz) of cold water and drink 20 minutes prior to exercise to enhance athletic and metal performanc (directions taken from box/package). **I poured mine into bottled water to make it easier to shake up/mix up.
I must admit, the powder did not dissolve well & I shook it up HARD! The first time I took a sip, I got lots of grainy I shook it up even harder. It mixed up a little better, but stay dissolved...what I mean is...if you didn't CHUG IT, then it would become gritty/grainy again, so I felt I was constantly having to shake it.
Taste: At first it was not what I expected, it didn't seem very berry-ish to was an acquired taste (I guess I was expecting something really sweet). I will say, that after using it several times I did get accustomed to the taste.
Color: Once mixed up, the color wasn't what I was expecting either...I'm thinking it's maybe a pinkish or reddish color. The color was more of an orangey-brown.
Here are a few ways I used Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer to Fuel My Better:
  • Before shorter runs (usually 5-6 miles)
  • Before a strength-training workout at the gym
  • Before yoga & a short run


How do you Fuel Your Better?

After using the product, I noticed a slight boost of energy to keep my focus and endurance without a jittery feeling. This product, I feel, would be best for shorter workouts/runs...not so much for long runs.

  • plant-based
  • dairy, gluten & soy free
  • no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • slight increase in energy, endurance & mental focus
  • 70 calories
  • no jitters
  • hard to mix up/dissolve
  • not much of a berry flavor

Monday, July 7, 2014

LaceLocker Review & Giveaway

Do you get sick of having to stop & tie your shoes during a run or worse...a RACE? Are you constantly double-knotting your shoelaces? Well...I recently "tripped" over this nifty little product that can help with this problem...

It's called LaceLocker by STASH Sports! No, it's not those laces you hear about that lock in place (this is what I was first thinking when Carol, the President & Co-Developer, approached me on Twitter). It's like a locker for your laces! When I checked out the website, I was intrigued.

I had always wanted to try those laces that lock in place, but I thought it'd be a pain to change them out each time I switched out/rotated running shoes, or thought that you'd have to pick a color that would go with everthing...and I'm NO PLAIN JANE!

So after seeing the product & being curious as to whether it really worked, I got back with Carol to see if she'd be willing to do a blog review/giveaway...and she jumped on it! She even let me pick out my color!!!

Basically, LaceLocker is a velcro gadget, created by STASH Sports, that keeps your laces in place. It's EASY to install. Lift the the logo section away from the back section, then slide the back section under the first few sections of laces. Then, fold the logo section down & press. Next, open up the logo section from side to side...tie your shoes as usual, then place them in the center. Finally, fold the flaps over the laces to lock them in place. Now you're ready to RUN!

I've worn LaceLocker on several runs, while riding my road bike & spin bike, and at the gym. I must admit, I am impressed...for several reasons:
  • they're small & light-weight
  • they don't budge or flop around
  • laces stay in place
  • the velcro doesn't pull at the laces
  • they're easy to install & remove
*Not only do I think these are great for runners, but coming from a teacher that sees floppy laces ALL DAY LONG, I think they would be PERFECT for kids/students!!!

**All opinions are my own. I was given a pair of LaceLocker for free in exchange for an honest review.
LaceLocker even does custom orders! Please go check them out! 

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And now for the Giveaway...
     2 lucky winners will each win & choose their own pair of LaceLocker. Enter the Rafflecopter link below. Once the giveaway is over & the winners have been chosen, I will notify each of the winners via email.
Good luck to everyone!
**The contest is open to residents world-wide!