Thursday, December 27, 2012

Taking the Christmas Gifts for a Test Run

I have to say...Santa was pretty darn good to me!

I received my very first pair of Mizunos...Wave Rider 16. I don't know that I'd say I had a "brilliant" run as they describe, but they weren't bad for the first time wearing them. They're going to take a little getting used to...I've been nothing but a Nike girl. I sort of feel like I'm cheating on my Nikes. I felt like I needed to try something different, especially with my training.

Santa did hear my pleas for a water bottle with a neoprene sleeve! This morning was the perfect morning to try it was pretty cold...and my hand never got cold from holding it! Another plus that my running buddies will appreciate is that this bottle doesn't squirt spontaneously, it's not a quickshot like my Nathan bottle. This new bottle is made by Amphipod...I think I'm going to like it much better.

My mother-in-law got me (with the help of my husband) a new Nike beanie & thermal head/earband and Swiftwick socks.

I also asked for a buff like they wear on Survivor, but a cuter design. I wanted something that I could wear around my neck or pull up on part of my face...for really cold mornings. I believe you can wear the buff 12 different ways...haven't mastered them all yet. I wore the buff and Nike beanie this morning. I pulled the buff up over my nose at times...I'm sure I looked like a bandit or something.

Once I got back from my run, I tried out my new foam roller. It's not just any 'ol foam's called the Y roller. I say it looks like a torture device. I must admit that it felt pretty good rolling out my calf muscles.

Forgot to mention that we got a dusting of snow late Christmas night & early the day after. There's talks of freezing rain over the next two mornings. Hopefully it won't interfere with my long run on Saturday.

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