Saturday, December 22, 2012

Double Digits of Death!

So I survived the Mayan Apocalypse, but I barely survived today's long run! I'm just now sitting down for the day/evening to blog & chill out...I am beyond pooped!

My training partner, Ruthie, and I started out at 6:45. I believe this was the coldest morning so far. After about a mile, I had to come back to the house for my thicker hands/fingertips were so cold they almost felt like they were burning (if that even makes since). After 4 miles, we meet up with our running buddy, Beth.

As we're running out of the comes Beth's dog, Sophie...she's gotten through the electric fence for the second day in a row! We decide to run the small block with Sophie in tow, then try to get her put up. All the other dogs in the cove were out. Needless to say...the word TREAT did NOT phase her! Finally, after about 5 minutes or so, the state trooper across the street was able to catch her.

Once we started back up, it was like starting all over! Burning, cold hands again. And now sweaty & cold. After about 8 miles, everything from the waist down felt like lead & ached. I was regretting that I didn't try out my new Pro Compression socks...I've never worn them before...(note to self--wear compression socks on long runs, no matter how tight my running tights may be). I did wear them for the rest of the day for part of my recovery.

We made it 10 miles, but nothing about it was easy or fun. Well, I take that back...there was no wind...unlike yesterday...that did make it somewhat easier. Hopefully I'll be able to move tomorrow & not wishing that the Mayans were correct!

On a good note, my husband brought me another "run happy". Better than cupcakes! He said he was proud of me for making it to 10 miles & sticking with it. I am proud to say I've found my niche...I AM a RUNNER!

Now, for my 2nd date of the day with Dr. Teal!

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