Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's the old saying..."cold hands, warm heart..."?

With the temperatures dropping here, I've yet to find a running glove that I'm truly satisfied with.  When I first started out, I bought a thin pair of Nike dri fit gloves...perfect for cool days, but not 35 & below.  Then received a pair of Under Armour gloves as a Christmas gift...much better, but my fingertips were freezing.  Last Christmas, I received some Nike fleece running gloves...much thicker & warmer, but my fingertips are still freezing.  Sometimes I have to double up & wear two pairs of gloves.  I carry a hand held running water bottle on my runs...maybe this is part of the problem...so I've asked for a new bottle with a neoprene sleeve.  I also bought a new pair of gloves over the weekend, hoping they'd do the trick...some fuzzy, thick North Face gloves...a little better, but still freezing fingertips!  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone have glove recommendations?

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