Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in Paradise

The sunshine creeping in the room this morning woke me before my alarm. Yes, I set my alarm on vacation! Went to the gym & ran a 5k on the "dreadmill"...I can't remember the last time I ran on a treadmill. Give me the road & fresh air! I absolutely hated the dreadmill!

Came back from the gym to get ready for breakfast. Wore my bunny a few strange looks. I did good at breakfast...ate a lot of fresh fruit, yogurt, and toast. Oh, and then had fried ripe plantains, that my friend Danley spoils me with, on the balcony in the company of a sweet Jamaican cat.

Soaked up the sunshine today. Got a little burned & wind chapped...been very breezy.

Had bun & cheese...a Jamaican Easter tradition. Ate a yummy stir fry meal at dinner.

Tomorrow morning is yoga on the beach...YAY!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome to Jamrock...

We have arrived in Jamaica for our 17th visit...home away from home!

3 hours sleep...woke up at 1:45am to get ready & make the drive to Memphis...5:50am flight from Memphis to Houston, brief layover, then 2 1/2 hr flight to Montego Bay.

We were picked up at the airport by private car sent by you could say we arrived in style. Once we got to the resort, we were greeted by our butler, but friend way before that...Mykal.

It's been windy & a little cloudy since we arrived, so we've been walking around and hanging out with staff, which have become our family away from home.

Since I am still no pro at this blogging & posting pics, the few pics I'm posting are in no particular order. In one of the pics you will see that Mykal decorated the bed & spelled out "Beep Beep!", because he calls me RoadRunner...I thought it was a neat, personal touch.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Germantown Half-Marathon

I ran my 2nd half-marathon today...on St. Patrick's Day. Thankfully this one was closer to the Memphis area.

Arrived at the Germantown Athletic Club around 6:30am for packet pick-up. At packet pick-up, I met one of the girls I've been tweeting with that also has a running blog...@MommiesRun aka Cecilia. She's on the sidelines right now due to a stress fracture & having to wear a walking boot...hoping that's not going to be me!

Ok, so I've been having ankle issues for a while. This week, I talked with the physical therapist that just recently bought the gym I attend. She offered to tape me up Thursday evening & wanted me to run on it Friday morning...ran about 4.5 miles & worked twinges. She met me at the gym to tape me up again last night. I was so hoping this would work...

Unfortunately, I was uncomfortable throughout the race...pain started within the first mile or two. I sucked it up & tried running through it, but somewhere around mile 10 I had to walk briefly & then again around mile 12. Not only was my ankle hurting, but I was starting to get that floppy, clumsy leg feeling...I assume that's lactic acid build up.

I must admit, this race was a lot more lonely along the course...not many cheering crowds compared to Birmingham & to me there seemed to be more hills, though I haven't compared the elevation of the two races. I felt I struggled more in this one.

I was hoping to beat my time of 2:02:59, but that didn't happen. I finished in 2:09:15...a little disappointed, but I guess that's not too bad for being in pain & trying to fight through it.

My husband has an appointment with our family physician tomorrow morning...I may tagalong & see if they can squeeze in an x-ray.

Germantown Half-Marathon by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Post-Long Run Rituals & Recovery

What I do when I get back from a long run: (Bear with me, I've yet to figure out how to include a pic & text together or put the pics in order for that matter)
1. Stretch on the front porch.
2. Roll out the kinks with the "Y" foam roller.
3. Use the Neti pot to clean out my sinuses.
4. Enjoy some chocolate milk.
5. Refuel with a Thomas' Cinnamon Raisin bagel & PocketFuel.
6. Fix a cup of green tea to enjoy while I soak with Dr. Teal's.
7. Chill for the rest of the day in my ProCompression Marathon socks.


I can't remember...Sesame Street or Electric Company?

I do remember a certain someone...*ahem*...Coach Ruthie, saying last Saturday that today's long run would be easier...less hills, since we both have half-marathons to run next Sunday. Let me just say...THERE WAS NOTHING EASY ABOUT IT!

We ran 12 miles. 6 miles or so around the neighborhood, with some hills. Around mile 5 I had to head back to the house to change into a short-sleeve shirt (much warmer than I thought...'bout time) & put on my Zensah ankle support (been having some ankle issues for a while and my tape wasn't helping much today).

We headed out to the highway & decided to take the opposite direction. Man, what a hill! We turned off the highway and ran a busy (for the time of morning) little stretch of road with yet ANOTHER hill! Then we ran by the school I teach at. Did some sidewalk running through part of our town on one of our main streets that turns into the highway. Headed back down that big hill on the highway. I've never run this way, so it was a new adventure for me...just wish I could've enjoyed it more!

I struggled some today. Pace was pathetic, though I wasn't really trying for speed. Had to walk a few times due to my ankle. I'm hoping my ankle doesn't give me fits during the Half next Sunday! If the pain continues (which is only when I run), I guess I'll be getting it checked out soon...probably wait until after my trip to Jamaica, which is at the end of the month. Scared of what they could tell me, so I don't want anything interfering with my fun!

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