Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workout Wednesday

This morning I did 40 minutes of 10 Minute-Solution Yoga before going to PT. I get to PT & they tell me they're not going to work with me today because I was going back to see my Orthopedic doctor. I was already at the gym & dressed for a workout session, so I warmed up with 10 minutes on the upright bike with 15-20 second bursts of speed every two minutes...this doesn't really seem to bother my knee.

Then I did a brief leg strengthening workout on the gym equipment:
-squats on the squat machine (4 sets of 15 weight)
-leg press machine (4 set of 15 weight)
-started back on my least favorite today...leg curls (4 sets of 12...double weights)
-inner/outer thighs (4 sets of 20...starting with 60lbs & working up to 90lbs in last set)
-glute machine (just did 3 sets of 10 on each leg since I could feel it a little in my knee)

Went back to see my Orthopedic doctor today...I wasn't due to see him until June 10, but the PT wanted me to reschedule for an earlier appointment, since she thinks we've worked out the IT Band pain & she thinks there's something going on with my fibular head. I saw the doctor ALL of 10 minutes! He ordered an MRI to rule out things, but their office was booked up with MRI appointments. I was hoping to get everything done in one visit since I live a little over an hour away. The earliest MRI I could get is this upcoming Monday, in another city that's 45 minutes away & I have to be there at 6am! Then I return back to the Ortho doctor next Thursday. This is not how I wanted to start my Summer Break! Keeping fingers crossed that it's nothing. Dear God, I JUST WANT TO RUN!

How did you spend Workout Wednesday?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

Since I can't run at the moment, I have to find other ways to tackle my workouts & keep from getting so depressed & discouraged.

This morning I walked 4 miles. This afternoon I did my P90X abs workout, a little yoga, and my strength training with the Thera bands ordered by my PT. My glutes & hips were on FIRE after doing the Cumerford Progressions (clams), leg lifts, and side steps up & down the hallway. Not only were my hips & glutes burning, but my quads & glutes were a little sore from yesterday's leg workout at he gym. Not only have I been doing the leg press & glute machine during PT, but yesterday I incorporated the squat machine back into my routine...I didn't realize how much I've actually missed doing legs!

How did you Tackle your Tuesday?

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After an EPIC FAIL attempt at running on Saturday (only made it .4 of a mile, though had pain from the get-go), I decided I needed to get my cardio in somehow.  Went to the gym yesterday & tried the elliptical, but that caused pain during flexion.  I figured I needed to at least get out and try to walk.

I walked a mile before turning my Garmin on, then tried to run just to see, but only made it .2 of a mile before pain started.  I tried this a couple of times to no avail, so I just walked it out.  I walked around the lake a few times and watched the geese.  I also walked on the golf course.  I walked 3 miles with my Garmin on...4 miles altogether, still had a little pain while walking, but not nearly as bad as when I attemp to run.  I so miss running!  :(  I JUST WANT TO RUN!

I go back to the doctor tomorrow.  I hope there's some better solution!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is it IT Band Syndrome, or are they just telling me a Fibula?

Been quite a while since I've blogged...for a few reasons:

-End of the school-year stuff. TCAP testing after Spring Break, Science Club Zoo Snooze, Field Trip, Field Day, and 5th grade Graduation (last Friday, but teachers' official last day is tomorrow...woohoo!)

-Since my last race a little over a month ago, I've been suffering from IT Band Syndrome (diagnosed by an Ortho doctor). Started with a little hip pain, then developed into knee pain on the outside of my right knee. The only way I can describe the pain is a very uncomfortable, grinding feeling. I haven't run much since I was diagnosed, even though the doctor said to back off with the mileage, but continue to run with run/walk intervals...I hurt so bad I couldn't even do that! The doctor ordered me to 4 weeks of physical therapy. I have one more session left. I thought I was making progress, even if it was babysteps...until I attempted a run this morning. The grinding is back! The physical therapist & I were talking, she thinks that it's more of a problem with my fibular head...don't know what to do about that! I don't return to the Ortho until June 10...I guess I'll be making a phone call tomorrow! I just want to be back to NORMAL and RUN without pain!

-I've been missing running. I miss getting out with the neighborhood girls. I actually miss getting up at 4:30 am. I miss slipping on my running shoes. I miss deciding what running outfit I'm going to lay out for my run. Running has been my stress reliever...I didn't realize how much until I was without it. I can tell that my mood has changed...not only getting frustrated, but slightly depressed. Running makes me HAPPY! While I'm running, I tend to forget about all my other worries.

-I've felt like since I haven't been running, I haven't had much to blog about. Hopefully soon that will change.

-Since this injury, I've missed out on 2 races I've wanted to of those was tonight...Zoom through the Zoo. This was the 1st race I ran three years's what got me hooked on running. Hopefully, I'll come back stronger from some of the strength moves I've been doing.

If you take away one thing from this blog, make sure that it's this: YOU MUST STRENGTH TRAIN (glutes, quads & hamstrings)! DO IT! I used to strength train my legs & got away from it, boy am I regretting it now. As my PT says, "You need a big, strong HOUSE (butt)!"

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