Thursday, December 6, 2012

Run streak...How do they do it?

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I AM EXHAUSTED! I don't know if it's work & winding down the semester or running more days & increasing my mileage...maybe BOTH! I ran Monday, Wednesday, today (Thursday), and will run Saturday.

How are people doing the Run Streak challenge that Runner's World has going on??? Two days in a row has worn me out. I was able to speed up some & squeeze in 5 miles, whereas I usually get no more than 4-4.5 miles in. My calves are SCREAMING! It doesn't help that I stand on concrete all day long. I'd love to participate in the challenge, but I just can't commit & I don't see how my tired body would make it. I wish these people would share just half their energy with me.

On another running note, my long run on Saturday won't be as long...backing off just a little. If the rain holds off, I'm running the Ugly Sweater Run ( in Memphis. I plan to run 2-4 miles before the 5k at Shelby Farms (great forget you're even in the city). Ugly sweater...check. Christmas tutu...check. Candy cane striped knee socks with fur...check. Reindeer antlers...check. Oh, did I mention? The temps have been in the 70s!!! The high for Monday will be 47!!! Gotta love Mother Nature!

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