Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor Showers, Hills, and a Ninja Cat...Oh My!

What a great morning to view the meteor showers! I had almost forgotten about the showers. We were headed down toward "the Delphus" of our dreaded hills, when I saw the brightest streak shoot across the sky. Amazing!

On the way back up, I spot the cat I've called "Ninja Cat". This is the third time seeing him/her. It crouches down in the ditch & tries to sneak up on us like a ninja. It has tried swatting at my legs since I'm always closest to it. Then it tries to run with us. It is the cutest thing. I may not say this if it ever gets my leg!

What adventures are in store for me on my long run in the morning? Hoping to make it 10 miles. We shall see...

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