Thursday, January 24, 2013

I recently stumbled upon this site. Reasonable prices. Wide variety of products. 1-2 day FREE shipping.

I found a Zensah ankle support for $14.95. Wasn't for sure if it was one or a pair. I noticed they had a LIVE CHAT button, but it kept saying OFFLINE. I decided to call the toll-free number, which sent me to an automated voicemail. I left a message, but really didn't think I'd hear back. Someone returned my call within 10-15 minutes! Now that's customer service!

I also ordered a few individual packets of Power Bar energy gel in Chocolate for $0.99 each. I've been using Gu, but wanted to try something not as thick, but love the chocolate flavor. I couldn't find individual packets of chocolate at Dick's Sporting Goods. Thought it was worth a try. Even got my favorite Nuun hydration in Grape for a $1.00 less than what I normally pay.

Received my order via FedEx today. Was pleased with my shopping experience & already have them bookmarked in my favorites.

Can't wait to try out the ankle support & Power Bar gel on my long run Saturday!

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