Saturday, January 19, 2013

Going "Mental" 9-miler

This week was a drop back week for me. It should've been last week, but I knew "Coach" Ruthie was going to visit her son this weekend & I didn't want to do the majority of a 12 or 13 mile run by myself.

I couldn't sleep, so I got up around 5:15. I wasn't planning on starting my run until 7, then meeting my other running buddy, Beth, around 7:15. Since I was up, I decided to do the first 10 minutes of my yoga DVD (basically a warm-up) and the last 10 minutes of my pilates DVD (stretching/flexibility)...what a way to start the day!

Decided to shower since I needed to wash my face & my foot and leg in order to tape up. 2nd application using the KT tape for my ankle issues...seems like a little bit of a process, but was proud of my work...was better than the first time (see pics below). Went to put on my calf sleeves & part of the tape frustrating! So I had to take my cheaper athletic tape that I use for my plantar fasciitis, and tape from one side to the other going across my foot...whatever it takes!

Beth & I decided to run the grounds of our mental institution. There's something eerily calming & peaceful about it. Most of the buildings are very old & now empty. It's almost asylum-like. I'd love to go inside some of those old buildings, but at the same time it seems kind of haunted. The picture I have in my mind is from the show "American Horror Story". If you've ever seen it...FREAKY! Almost zombie-like too. There's no traffic to have to fight with, except the occasional garbage dumpster truck. Plenty of scenery & inclines/declines. Then we finished up on the highway...felt like we were in a game of "Frogger" trying to cross all the lanes.

Not a fast run, but not horrible...pace was around 10:15...could be better, but for a long run I didn't struggle today. It was very comfortable, breathing wasn't bad, and the time/miles went by pretty quickly.

Ruthie, if you're checking up on me...I missed you!

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