Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inclement Weather Days

So Monday we were out of school due to flooding. Late yesterday afternoon, we started getting sleet & freezing rain...which led to day 2 of being off work. Wishing now that I had gotten up & ran this morning, but wasn't quite sure what the streets would be like & didn't want to run across any "black ice".

Got up this morning, turned on the local news & saw that we were under and are still under an ice storm warning. We've had freezing rain since around 10am CST. Just got the phone call not too long ago from the Superintendent that we'll be out for a 3rd day! I'm going to go CRAZY if I can't get out & run tomorrow! Our training runs have been so unpredictable lately due to our crazy weather. Looks like it may be yoga or pilates.

We've got our generator ready! Groceries bought & cabinets stocked over the weekend (being off has made some of that disappear)...so that means bread, eggs, and milk...check! I guess if we run out of food, there's always GU! Hoping this isn't anything like the Ice Storm of '94...pretty rough stuff! Though, the ground doesn't look frozen, the trees are iced over & I've noticed the neighbor's pine trees leaning over our fence. Good times!

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