Saturday, January 26, 2013

I EARNED that 13.1 one sticker today...

And I haven't even run the Half-Marathon yet! That sticker I've been hanging onto is going on my car TODAY! I don't care if I haven't run the race yet...I ran my own race! I earned it! I ran 13.22 miles.

Felt pretty good up until the last mile-mile & a half...started getting that floppy clumsy feeling. I tried out my Zensah ankle't that impressed...I hurt on the front of my ankle this time. It made my shoe feel a little tighter...I felt unbalanced since I didn't have one on my right foot...I guess I need to order another one.

I tried out the Power Bar energy gel in much difference in the thickness of it & Gu...maybe just slightly thinner.

When I looked down at my watch & saw that I had surpassed 13.1 miles, I started to feel a little emotional. I could feel tears of joy & pride welling up in my eyes. I DID IT! The girl that always claimed she wasn't a runner. The girl that couldn't run the required mile in Jr. High in the required time. The girl that couldn't get that good running start in gymnastics to do vault or floor routines. I'm starting to get that feeling that I have arrived! I've finally found that one thing I enjoy & that I'm not so bad at. I AM A RUNNER!

I don't know why I always tend to doubt myself. I tend to doubt my teaching abilities, yet I've made Level 5 for the past two years. I CAN do this Half! Keeping fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be my friend that day!

3 weeks from tomorrow until race day!

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