Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (I know...a little late, but I've been sickly.)
With each new year, comes resolutions.  Usually we all make them & then break them!  So I haven't really stated any...or out loud anyway.

Every year, after the holidays, I start stressing about losing the holiday pounds, because we always go to Jamaica over Spring Break.  So I worry about having to put on that bikini.  This past Spring Break, we won 5 free nights while we were in Jamaica, so we used it during my Fall Break in October.  I am proud to say that I've maintained that weight.  And since I've been training for this half-marathon, I've actually been losing weight over Thanksgiving & Christmas...SHOCKER!  I really like to eat!  I'm not the healthiest eater...quite picky actually, but I do plan to get back on track of eating a little better.  Especially to help my husband out...he's got a goal to lose at least 15-20 lbs by the end of March.  I was so proud of him...he even go up this the cold...and ran a little over 2 miles!  It's a start!

My plan is to try to make it to the gym at least 2-3 times a week for crossing training.  Mainly I just go to work arms.  Here lately, I've been doing good if I make it to the gym once a obligations & sometimes just making excuses.  I've got to do better. 

I also plan to get back on track with my ab workouts.  I was doing really good with the P90X ab routine...when I knew I had to put that bikini on for Jamaica.  I may have to pull my stability ball back out & try some different moves.

For Christmas, my husband ordered the 10 Minute Solution Yoga DVD & the Pilates DVD that I used to do on Netflix when they had it on Instant Play, and then for some reason they removed them.  Can't wait to start back with them!  I felt so much better after doing them.  They also helped with the stresses of teaching!  Here's a link for the 10 Minute Solution Series (  You can also find them broken up on if you're interested.

So those are plans for right now.  I guess you could say they're my short-term plans...from now until my after my half-marathon, since Spring Break won't be too far from the half.

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