Thursday, January 17, 2013

My shoes have arrived!

I ordered a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 15s from on Sunday evening. Got a heck of a deal from the site & found a promo code. (**See earlier post: Looking for a new running shoes or gear?) You can't beat 2-day free shipping! They arrived via UPS around noon.

They are quite shiny & funky! I like my shoes a little funky & flashy. I told my husband they were the violet version of ruby slippers, and his response to me was, "They're violet, Violet!" I guess they'll go perfect with my purple ProCompression calf sleeves.

Can't decide if I want to break them in now or wait until after my Wave Rider 16s need to be retired. For the price I paid, they could be my "yucky' weather running shoes.

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