Friday, June 21, 2013

WTF Workouts

WTF Workouts got your attention? Wednesday-Thursday-Friday Workouts! Since I forgot to do a "Workout Wednesday" post & it's now "Fitness Friday", I figured I'd combine everything into one post.

Wednesday's Workout:
Finally woke up a little earlier...5:45am (I'm so going to struggle when school starts back!). My hamstrings were so tight that I had to do 10 minutes of yoga before attempting a run.

My run was a little longer than last time. I'm still having to do the run/walk method with my IT Band injury. My 1st run segment lasted 1.3, but when I pick back up to run it doesn't last that long. The next segment was .5 & the last I only made it .3 of a mile. My pace wasn't too horrible for being injured (under 10 minutes...once it was 9:17), though I'm not at all concerned about pace.

Here's Wednesday's run without walk breaks, I just paused my Garmin each time I walked:
Untitled by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details
Here's how I feel...trying to have a sense of humor about it.
After running "embarrassingly short distances", I hopped on the bike for a 30 minute ride around the neighborhood. Kind of nice to enjoy a little nature...the calves in the pasture perk up when I ride by & the ducks/geese like to quack/honk at me every time I ride around the pond.
Later on in the day, I hit the pool for about 30 minutes of aqua jogging in the deep end. Let me tell will kick your butt!
Finally, I went to the gym for an hour yoga class. Then came home to do my favorite (oozing with sarcasm) PT exercises with the Thera band...clamshells, etc. These are starting to get real old, but I know they're helping.
Thursday's Workout:
Another day of biceps, triceps, back, and legs at the gym. I even had a lady ask me if I was training for something. I told her that I was rehabbing my knee (pointless to say IT Band to a non-runner) & would be training for a Half-Marathon (St. Jude Half...if you'd like to donate, click the link under Sites I Love) hopefully by Labor Day. So my goal is to be up to 3-4 non-stop miles by the time school starts in August...keeping fingers & toes crossed.
Friday's Workout:
"Second verse...same as the first..."
A repeat of Wednesday morning's workout minus the yoga AND....AND, I got up at 5am this time & was out the door before 5:30!
I made it a little further!!! My first run was 1.5 miles! Woohoo! I can't believe I'm going from celebrating 10-13 miles to now celebrating 1-1.5 miles! 2nd & 3rd runs were .5 each. I could tell I was starting to hurt some in the 3rd run. So all-in-all I made it 2.5 miles. I'll take what I can get & piece it together for now.
Here's today's run with walk breaks...decided not to pause my Garmin.
Untitled by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details

Coming up: aqua jogging & some laziness by the pool, maybe some yoga, and P90X abs.

I have to remind myself of this one! It's so hard with ITBS & starting ALL over.
It's all about this! What I want now is to become stronger & what I want most is to RUN!
Now, for a REAL WTF Workout...

I might even start incorporating this into my cross-training.
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  1. Nice job on your runs and paying attention to your body! Hope it subsides soon.

    1. Not just listen to my body, but listen to my doctor. I'm definitely learning the importance of strength training the lower half now. Just stinks that I was running 10-13 miles & now I'm having to start over. So much for all those fun late Spring & early Summer races.