Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

I'll go ahead & admit...there didn't feel to be a whole lot of Tackle to my Tuesday, or well...much UMPH! I set my alarm for 6:30, but turned it off & rolled back over for 45 minutes...I NEVER do that on a normal day...I guess it comes with Summer Break & being injured. No structured schedule!

I finally get up, then drag myself to the couch. It was dreary outside. I had a headache. I just wanted to be lazy! BUT, I finally forced myself to get up & get ready for the gym. I didn't make it to the gym until close to 10am, but I MADE IT!

I won't lie...I did NOT want to be at the gym. My head hurt. My legs felt tight. I just wasn't feeling a workout. But I managed to force myself to do an hour & a half of arms & legs. Afterwards, I was glad I went, but it didn't help my headache one bit.

Came home from the gym, grabbed a bite to eat, then fell asleep on the couch for about 3 1/2 hours. I was not planning on napping for that long! I guess my head was hurting so bad I just needed to sleep it off.

Of course I didn't get much accomplished around the house. I woke up about an hour & a half before my husband returned home from work. So I had to make it look like I had done something. I washed a load of clothes...couldn't that count as exercise? You have to bend over to get the clothes out of the hamper, then squat & lift the clothes to carry them to the laundry room. Right? Then I loaded the dishwasher...more squatting & bending to load it. After that I vacuumed...bend to plug in cord, push/pull motion, move some furniture, squat to pick up dog toys & hubby's shoes. If only I went at & tackled my housekeeping skills like I do my workouts...I'd be a much better housekeeper!

Later on in the evening, I did all my PT stretching & strengthening exercises for my ITBS. I'm getting so sick of doing them, but I know in the long run it will pay off! Sick of being injured! I just want to R-U-N!

Tomorrow is another attempt at running...hoping to go for a little over a mile at a time. I'm all taped up & ready to go.

How did you Tackle your Tuesday?


  1. I didn't do much except a 1 mile speed test. I knocked 19 seconds off last weeks time! Counts for something! Tomorrow I've got 3 miles plus a strength workout planned.

    1. I just hope by the time school starts in August that I'm back to running 3 miles, because my training needs to start around Labor Day for the St. Jude Half. I don't like having to start all over!

  2. Isn't it nice just to take it easy though? I know by August I'll be ready for the routine of school again, but right now, I'm enjoying my slow days. I was telling my husband the other day that I actually LIKE folding clothes...when I can do it at 10 AM rather than doing it at 10 PM!

    1. My body just isn't going to like it when it comes time to get up earlier! I've got to stick to a better schedule even though I'm injured...I can always come back & take a nap! ;)