Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8tenSolutions Giveaway

8tenSolutions is an online store that carries some of the finest athletic performance products on the market, including:

  • RynoPower Sports Supplements
  • Braaap Energy bars
  • Triggerpoint Performance products
8tenSolutions is donating a $25 gift certificate to be used towards any product on their online store! Check out their products at . Also, be sure to LIKE their Facebook page & let them know Jennifer from TeacherinTraining sent you.

I was first introduced to RynoPower Supplements & Braaap Energy bars by my husband about a year ago. These products are becoming popular in the motorcycle industry, and since my husband works in the motorcycle business he brought some home for me to try. He thought they might help with my running.

Honestly, I wasn't buying into all that supplement crap...I didn't believe it would work! Let me tell you, I was WRONG! The first time I took the RynoPower Carbo Fuel (with orange juice), Motivation & Endurance pills...I was SOLD! I ran two miles further than I'd ever run...felt like I had more energy than I'd ever had. After a run, I take the Recovery pills. I usually don't do the Protein Fuel, but my husband loves it. They also have Electrolyte pills that would be perfect for this time of year! I truly believe these products are great for ANY athlete!

When I was training for my two half-marathons, I would eat a Braaap bar before a long run. I've tried Blueberry, Cranberry, and Chocolate Chip (my favorite). These bars are very moist & yummy. They aren't heavy on my stomach at all.

I must admit that I haven't tried TriggerPoint products yet, but how can you go wrong with one of their foam rollers or other therapy products for tight muscles?

**Below you can read a little more info about each product/company that I took from their websites.



About Us:
Ryan Hughes has been racing professionally for 25 years and is best known for his unrivaled commitment to fitness and training. It angered him the things Motocross and other athletes were putting into their bodies. The solution was to create a line of supplements all his own, and teach people the importance of giving your body exactly what it craves when you demand the most of it!

Ryno Power is created with formulas originally used by Tri-Athletes. They are clean burning, high grade supplements that mix well, digest easily and work incredible. They take physical activity to the next level. They are made right here in Southern California in an FDA inspected facility so there is no need to worry about the questionable ingredients showing up in our competitor's products and sneaking in from unregulated countries.
Ryno Power was designed to provide the highest quality sports supplements available for the physical demands of athletes around the world.
**For more information, check out their website at .

Braaap- the sound of acceleration.

Influenced by riders, racers and outdoor enthusiasts on the tracks and trails of Colorado, the revolutionary Braaap formula was created as a solution to energize with clean and natural foods. The Braaap Bar is a superior food that delivers energy-infused nutrients and protein to meet the demands of today's toughest athletes. Braaap Nutrition- accelerate your body and mind!
Why Braaap Nutrition?
**For more information, check out their website at .

Unlock Your Body
Athletes ask a lot of their bodies.. And they expect 100% in return. Most fear injury, overtraining and a lack of motivation. It's time to tap into your full potential. An unlocked body reacts as a unit, its muscle groups working together to move you forward. Faster. With less struggle.
Release Your Strength
Integrating Trigger Point Performance Therapy into you daily training routine will make your workouts more effective and efficient while speeding recovery and preventing injury. From weekend warrrior to elite athlete, learn how to prepare your tissue to tolerate the demands placed upon it.
Some of their top-selling products:
  • The Grid foam roller
  • Coldroller
  • TP Massage Ball
  • X-Factor Ball
For more information, visit their website at .    
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  1. I would love to have a foam roller. I heard those are great! Great Giveaway!

    1. That is one of the best investments...speaking from someone suffering from IT Band Syndrome. Good luck to you!

  2. I would put it towards the massage ball and maybe the Ryno power race packs for pre-race fuel!

    1. I'm interested in the massage ball as well. I love my Ryno Power...I don't always take the dosage of pills it recommends, but when it's a big race I do & I truly think it makes a difference. Good luck!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm actually diggin' that camo foam roller! Good luck!

  4. I think I want to try the trail mix. My kids are really into them right now!

    1. What a great way to get them involved in the healthy lifestyle!

  5. Any of the Trigger Point stuff would be awesome!!!

    1. I don't think you can go wrong with them. Good luck!

  6. coming here from the motocross community,
    I think its great you write about your running experiences, and motivate so many people.

  7. Thanks...hopefully I'm motivating & inspiring someone out there. My husband is in the motorcycle business...that's how I found out about 8tensolutions, Ryno Power, & Braaap. Pretty cool that the products aren't just for motorcycle people! Good luck!

  8. Ryno protein powder is what I would consider.

  9. I definitely need a foam roller!