Monday, June 3, 2013

Ten Commandments for the Runner...

I tried to post a motivational/inspirational poster...showed up for a bit, then it wouldn't display. Retrying from my iPad, so more than likely the pic will be at the bottom. Goes to show I'm still blog-illiterate. I'm slowly learning...just like my students.

1.  Yes, others may be faster than you, but there are others wishing they could be like you!
2.  I once said this, but I can now say I was WRONG! I am proud to say...I AM a RUNNER!
3.  Even runners need their beauty sleep, especially those of us that are out the door by 5am & teaching by 7:30!
4.  Enjoy the Rest Day with a foam roller, the Stick, Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts, and cool ProCompression socks.
5.  This one I'm currently struggling with. I guess because I never was involved in athletics in high school, things are starting to catch up with me. I'm not used to aches, pains, & injuries. During my training for my 1st Half, I had some ankle pains, but managed to work it out. For my 2nd Half, my PT taped me up the proper way & I hurt within the first mile...I fought through it though...had to walk once due to lactic acid & once because of the ankle. After running my 10miler, I started having hip & knee pain...that's where I'm at now...was diagnosed with IT Band that worked out, but still having a grinding feeling in the side of outer knee when I attempt to run. Why can't we all just be invincible???
6.  I guess because I drink so much water at work, that I rely on it while running. I run with an Amphipod 10oz hand-held neoprene water bottle filled with grape-flavored Nuun. I can't even do plain 'ol tap water anymore.
7.  Definitely don't wear cotton! I wear Nike dri-fit products or these great North Face Vapor Wick shirts that I get at the MOST AWESOME running store in MEMPHIS...BREAKAWAY RUNNING. They feel like a 2nd skin they are so light-weight. They come in the coolest colors & have Breakaway's logo on the front & some catchy saying or MEMPHIS on the back. The best part is being noticed at the races while wearing one!
8.  One must get fitted properly for shoes! Go to a specialty running store...not a chain store! Again, I see my peeps at Breakaway Running for shoes & proper socks...can't forget the socks! I learned after major blisters last year, the only way to go is Swiftwick socks!  Made ALL the difference in the world!
9.  Can't stand getting in a rut & running the same rut. During my training, I loved switching it up. I ran the golf course with some inclines, the grounds of the local Mental Institution, and the highway.
10. If you keep at it, your time WILL come! You will earn that medal! Though the real medal is that sense of PRIDE!

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