Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

I must admit...I was starting to think I wasn't going to tackle much! Since I've been unable to run, I haven't made myself stick to a strict schedule of going to bed & waking up. I've been staying up LATE...or at least late for me...11:30, 12:00, sometimes 1:00am or after. Let me just say that it's starting to catch up to me!

My alarm was set for 6am. I got up with every intention of getting ready for the gym. Came into the kitchen to grab & eat a granola bar. Then I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch...IT WAS ALL OVER THEN! Somehow my head just mysteriously wound up on the couch pillow & my body was horizontal...and my eyes were closed. I thought maybe 15-20 minutes had passed....uh....no....more like a few hours! I was so mad at myself.

I decided to just hang out by the pool. I figured I could at least get in a little bit of a cardio workout by swimming laps. Let me just say...the sun needs to hurry up & warm the pool up...the water was FUHREEEZING!!! I sucked it up anyway. I swam several laps from one end to the other, treaded water in the deep end with a running motion, then swam the circumference of the pool 10 times without touching the bottom or the edges. That was a workout!

While getting ready for my dental appointment, I had made up my mind I was going to the gym afterwards to tackle a leg workout. So what if it was a little more crowded...so what if all the guys from the electric department were there at that time. I was at least going to work my legs since that's part of my rehab. I've learned now, after this injury, I MUST do more to strengthen my legs & glutes.

I warmed up 10 minutes on the elliptical...only felt a twinge here & there in the side of my knee. Did the squat machine, leg presses, inner thigh squats (plie type) with weight, leg extensions, abductor & adductor machine, and glute machine. Finished up with a little more elliptical. Once I got home, I tackled P90X Ab Ripper X.

Tomorrow I will tackle arms at the gym...earlier in the morning. That means I've got to force myself to go to bed earlier.

So how did you tackle your Tuesday?

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