Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate with a run (doctor's orders), but my heart sure was there!

While I was hanging out by the pool, I was looking for a running related story to read on my Kindle. I found "R is for Running" by Ray Charbonneau, and it was FREE! Who doesn't like checking out something that's free? If you don't like it, you can stop reading haven't lost any money.

Anyhow, back to "R is for Running". It was a short & sweet little read that breaks down the letters of the alphabet as they pertain to running. I could relate to some of them. Then I got to thinking...why not come up with a list of my own that relate to ME. So here goes...

A is for the Amazing feeling I get when I finish a race, and Active Headbands.
B is for Breakaway Running...the best local running store in Memphis, Braaap bars, Body Glide, and Blogging.
C is for Carbo-Loading, Cupcakes (for a reward every once in a while), Compression socks, Chica Bands, and Cumerford Progressions.
D is for Dri-Fit from Nike.
E is for the Excitement at the beginning of a race & Early morning runs.
F is for Friends I've made from running & Foam rollers.
G is for Garmin & Gu.
H is for Half-Marathons & Hating those Hills!
I is for IT Band Syndrome!
J is for the Joy I get from running.
K is for Keeping motivated.
L is for Long runs & the Love of running.
M is for the Mizuno Wave Riders I run in & Medals.
N is for Nike clothing, Nuun hydration & Ninja Cat (that sneaks up on us during a run)!
O is for running Outdoors.
P is for Pushing myself toward new PRs, Pilates, Pancakes, and Pocket Fuel.
Q is for strengthening my Quads & never Quitting.
R is for Registering for Races, Ryno Power Supplements, Rock My Run music, & #RunChat.
S is for Squats, Speedwork, SPIbelt bib belt, and getting/sacrificing Sleep.
T is for Training and Thomas' cinnamon-raisin bagels I eat before a race.
U is for Ugly looks in race photos and Undoing stress.
V is for Visor and my favorite running Vest.
W is for WATER, WATER, and more WATER!
X is for the eXhilarating feeling you get while running.
Y is for Yoga.
Z is for Zany socks & costumes I've worn.


  1. Hey Jennifer

    Great breakdown of the running alphabet. This post was so much fun to read! We really love R! Plus, K for Keeping motivated and U for "Ugly looks in race photos are so true!

    - Stefanie @ RockMyRun

    1. Thanks Stefanie! I couldn't have gotten through some of my long training runs & races if it hadn't been for Rock My Run! Thanks for stopping by & commenting!