Saturday, June 15, 2013

"My Soxy Feet" Product Review & Giveaway

I recently discovered a new & funky concept to athletic socks called My Soxy Feet. What a cute name for a sock line! After seeing the name, I just had to check them out. Their motto is..."You don't have to be a match to be a pair". Every pair of socks is mismatched with colors and designs. You may be asking...mismatched? Why would I want to wear mismatched socks on a run? You've got to see these cute 'lil socks to understand.

My Soxy Feet are the creation of Melissa Corp, an avid runner. Here's a little bit about Melissa and what inspired her to create these new socks:
     "I know how important it is to stay inspired, and at times, just how difficult that can be as life gets in the way. Challenges big and small can become easy excuses that keep my running shoes tucked away in the closet awaiting the next sunny day.
     It's on these days that I am so very grateful for the many friends and family in my life who motivate me to be my best. They are the ones who face challenges head-on and not only pick themselves up again, but also push beyond to celebrate life with exuberance. They are the reason I run every day and my muse for creating My Soxy Feet. I looked down one gloomy day contemplating my run and was struck that my boring white running socks were a perfect blank canvas for inspiration.
     Each pair of our high quality running socks is an ode to someone who has helped me understand the interplay between challenge and joy. So on those days when excuses are looming, I hope that these colorful socks inspire you to get out and run."

Currently there are 8 different styles to choose from: (all are a low-cut sock, except for Play A-Long)
  • Heart & Sole (a portion of the proceeds donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation)- these socks would be perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month & all those Susan G. Komen & Breast Cancer races
  • Loves Me
  • Play A-Long (Knee-high socks)- I SO want a pair of these! I could see myself wearing these while running a half-marathon. I could also see a softball, soccer, or volleyball player wearing these.
  • Run With It (these are the ones I had the privilege of trying out) **See below
  • Smiley
  • Soxy Man (for the "fun & funky" man in your life)
  • United (show off your American pride)- these would be perfect for those Fourth of July races!
  • Wintery Mix (a portion of the proceeds donated to the Sandy NJ Relief Fund)
My Soxy Feet are high-quality athletic socks MADE IN THE U.S.A. All socks are made from 53% CoolMax Ecomade fibers, (made from recycled water bottles), 46% Nylon, and 1% Lycra.

Here's how the package arrived.
Cute label, huh?

Here's the pair I received (Run With It).

All of the socks come packaged with a dedicated message to those who have inspired the design of the socks.
**You can even contact Melissa to personalize the packaging for the ones who inspire you! How cool is that?
And she has a sense of humor!
It says "For clean feet, take a shower"

How cute are these?
"Good Run...Good Fun"
**I think they even made my feet smile. :)

Bottom/Back View

Another one of their mottos: Inspiration for your sole...Personality for your feet!"
"Play Hard, Live Happy"

When I put these socks on, they felt nice & cushy, yet not in a thick & bulky way. I tried them out on the treadmill with a 45 minute run/walk. They never rubbed or irritated my feet! Since I'm injured, I can't really speak for how they'd be on a long run, but they are definitely worth giving a try!
**All opinions are strictly my own.

Please check out My Soxy Feet at . Also, LIKE their Facebook page at and be sure to tell them Jennifer from TeacherinTraining sent you! Melissa at My Soxy Feet  is offering free shipping to those interested in purchasing a pair of your own, but you must message her & say "Jennifer from TeacherinTraining sent me" before ordering.

Here's what you've been waiting for...the Giveaway! Good luck, everyone!

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  1. I Play hard, Live Happy, by running to stay healthy and be able to roll around and wrestle with my two little guys. It makes me happy.

  2. I run and run and run. I have been gearing up my running to start using the Hanson plan for my back to back half marathons this fall season.

  3. Hmmm I think by running and staying healthy, in living happy! I'm definitely not as happy as when I get to run!

  4. I play hard, live happy by pushing myself to my limits in fitness which makes a happy mommy for our family =)

  5. I play hard by pushing myself in my training and I play hard by having a great time playing with my husband and kiddo!

  6. I challenge myself to things I've never tried before... and if I enjoy it, I do it again.

  7. I live hard, play happy, by running, and never being too old to play on jungle gyms with my kids.

  8. I like to run and do zumba and play with my kids!

  9. Crossfit and run :)

  10. I aim to be happy everyday, despite the everyday road blocks. And play? I certainly don't get enough...running and exercise helps. I'm looking forward to vacation this summer!

  11. i swim alot and chase my toddlers around all day ;)

  12. I love to run, row and swim and to live each day to the fullest! These socks are so much fun!

  13. I play hard by planning to run a marathon while working 3 jobs and raising 2 small children

  14. Those are super cute socks!!! :) I want them!

    I play hard and live happy by doing something beyond my comfort zone. :) I was never for getting dirty and muddy but I'd like to change that so I signed up for a mudrun! :)

  15. I play hard and live happy by doing the activities that I enjoy and that allow me to balance family life and work (running...duh!). I play hard by giving myself challenges during the year.

  16. These socks look awesome.
    I like trying something a little unsettling everyday just to step out of my comfort zone........lots of sweat included

  17. I add fun to my runs by signing up for fun/themed races and making costumes to go with the theme

  18. When i dont run, hubby says i get an attitude ala snickers commercial. So apparently if i dont run hard, im not happy.

  19. these are super cute!! you can never have enough socks! I always find myself taking my shoes off after a race and walking around in socks so that my feet can breathe, what a stylish way!

  20. Play hard: stay in half marathon training!
    Live happy: stay active with my family--husband, two kids, and three dogs!

  21. I just try to give it my all always and keep finding the joy in every little thing!:)

  22. Oh my goodness these socks are so adorable - not to mention inspiring. :D Love em! I am all about appreciating the little things in life and these socks would be one of them for sure.

  23. I am playing hard and living happy by currently training for runDisney's Dopey Challenge and to keep me inspired, I am running it for St. Jude Children's Hospital!

  24. I'm playing hard while training for a marathon. I'm living happy by encouraging others with my running goals and watching them succeed.

  25. I'd love to win a pair! Those are too cute :)

  26. I play hard by running :) Running around with my kids and being active with them is what makes me happiest!

  27. Super cute! Playing hard/living happy = running in the Florida heat, working out with my trainer, and trying to wear fun clothes and socks while doing so! I certainly don't get "fixed up" (hair and makeup) to exercise, but wearing something cute just makes you work harder! These socks are adorable! :D