Thursday, June 13, 2013

Water Workouts

With the temperatures climbing & me being off work for the Summer...and recovering from a running injury (IT Band Syndrome), I'm looking for other ways to get my cardio in and possibly maintain some endurance.

I have a swimming pool and want to make better use of it. Yes, it's nice to hang out by the pool & read Runner's World or a good book on my Kindle. It's also nice to just drift away on that float. Neither of those activities are producing any kind of cardiovascular activity!

I've been jogging some in the shallow end, which isn't very wide. I've been swimming laps. I even purchased one of those cheap pool noodles to I could get out in the deep end & possibly do a running/jogging motion. I feel like I'm doing more of a bicycle motion. I can't do anything with my arms, because I'm having to wrap the noodle around me & hang on to it.

So I finally decided I was going to buy a flotation belt in the hopes of finding some good water workout videos online. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and luckily found a water resistance belt sold individually. The one I purchased is called Fitness Gear Water Resistance Belt.
I hope it's worth $24.99! (We shall see shortly.)
I ran across a few videos that seemed interesting and worth a try. Some deal with aqua jogging & explain the proper form, and others demonstrate various ab workouts. **WARNING: There's a good bit of talking/explaining in the beginning and some may seem a bit corny, but the workouts seemed to make sense.

And I thought I was bad about "talking with my hands"!
I learned something: it's like marching & stomping grapes!
So not only is it used for rehab, but apparently pool running can help your performance!
Underwater view...I am SO going to "Get Jiggy" with my aqua jogging!
Here are some other deep water exercises:
Thighs & Rear
Crunches & Rolls
Anyone else do any type of aqua jogging or other type of water workouts?
Getting ready to hit the pool shortly to try out the belt and some of these workouts. Who knows...maybe next I'll search for some Noodle workouts!  :)

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