Friday, February 15, 2013

Bite me, Mother Nature!

I can NOT be getting sick 2 days before my half-marathon! I refuse to! I've loaded up on Vitamin C pills, gargled salt water, drank green tea with honey & even hot pink lemonade, and started to take Mucinex to try to nip it. My throat started feeling a little scratchy & my nose a little stuffy after taking my students outside during Recess. I knew I shouldn't have taken them out! It was still a little muddy out, but they needed to release some energy. It was a little chilly & windy out. After 15 minutes, I decided to take them back in...I guess it was already too late. I'm sick of this up & down roller coaster weather! Bring on Spring! More Neti pot usage to come & a hot toddy before bed...keeping fingers crossed that this helps.

Other than feeling a little cruddy, I'm feeling like a kid at Christmas...anxious & excited! Today I received two packages via from & the other from I received an email from Running Warehouse the other day, offering a Valentine's extra 25% off liquidation items. I've been wanting a running vest, so I decided to order the Brooks Nightlife vest in bright pink...LOVE it! I had it over-nighted so I could wear it in the Half. I also ordered some Mizuno running capris from Run Outlet for $34.95...didn't think that was a bad price.

Still need to finish packing tonight. Hoping I don't forget any major necessities for the race...I'll be 4 hours from home.

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