Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adventures in Running

Tapering begins. Only had to run 11 miles today. So I was thinking it would feel easier compared to the 13 miles last weekend...WRONG!

Early morning thunder, lightning, & sleet before our run. Mother Nature is on one!

About a mile or so into our run, some dog we've never seen in the neighborhood starts running with us & darting between us. Really messed up our stride & pace. The dog did this for about a mile or so. We finally lost her when we got to the next neighborhood...only to be chased by another dog! PEOPLE, put your dogs up! I don't let my dog run freely. It's called a leash law!

We tried some different areas I'd never run before...more HILLS! UGH! I wish I'd been doing these more...instead of 2 weeks before the race. The early morning sleet caused the bridges to be very slick.

I was getting towards the end of my run, with what I thought was around half a mile left...apparently I bumped my watch at mile 10, so I wound up running a little extra.

Note to self: Do NOT put Planter's Nutrition on bagel before a it for the post-run. Between that & the peanut butter Gu, it felt very heavy on my stomach & I kept belching it up. I couldn't even do my 2nd packet of Gu...maybe I would've had more energy in the end if I had, but I just couldn't stomach it.

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