Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workout Wednesday

This morning I did 40 minutes of 10 Minute-Solution Yoga before going to PT. I get to PT & they tell me they're not going to work with me today because I was going back to see my Orthopedic doctor. I was already at the gym & dressed for a workout session, so I warmed up with 10 minutes on the upright bike with 15-20 second bursts of speed every two minutes...this doesn't really seem to bother my knee.

Then I did a brief leg strengthening workout on the gym equipment:
-squats on the squat machine (4 sets of 15 weight)
-leg press machine (4 set of 15 weight)
-started back on my least favorite today...leg curls (4 sets of 12...double weights)
-inner/outer thighs (4 sets of 20...starting with 60lbs & working up to 90lbs in last set)
-glute machine (just did 3 sets of 10 on each leg since I could feel it a little in my knee)

Went back to see my Orthopedic doctor today...I wasn't due to see him until June 10, but the PT wanted me to reschedule for an earlier appointment, since she thinks we've worked out the IT Band pain & she thinks there's something going on with my fibular head. I saw the doctor ALL of 10 minutes! He ordered an MRI to rule out things, but their office was booked up with MRI appointments. I was hoping to get everything done in one visit since I live a little over an hour away. The earliest MRI I could get is this upcoming Monday, in another city that's 45 minutes away & I have to be there at 6am! Then I return back to the Ortho doctor next Thursday. This is not how I wanted to start my Summer Break! Keeping fingers crossed that it's nothing. Dear God, I JUST WANT TO RUN!

How did you spend Workout Wednesday?

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