Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

Since I can't run at the moment, I have to find other ways to tackle my workouts & keep from getting so depressed & discouraged.

This morning I walked 4 miles. This afternoon I did my P90X abs workout, a little yoga, and my strength training with the Thera bands ordered by my PT. My glutes & hips were on FIRE after doing the Cumerford Progressions (clams), leg lifts, and side steps up & down the hallway. Not only were my hips & glutes burning, but my quads & glutes were a little sore from yesterday's leg workout at he gym. Not only have I been doing the leg press & glute machine during PT, but yesterday I incorporated the squat machine back into my routine...I didn't realize how much I've actually missed doing legs!

How did you Tackle your Tuesday?

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