Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Move it Monday (a few days late)

Here's my "Move It Monday" a couple of days late...trying to enjoy the last few days of my Summer Break...SIGH!
I started the day out with a run at 5:30am. Here's my run:
Make it Count Monday by nikerunner75 at Garmin Connect - Details. The weather was so nice!  According to my Garmin it said the temp was 64...some of the girls were even complaining about it being COLD. Can you believe it? Cold in July in Tennessee? I thought it felt AMAZING! One of my former students from my first year of teaching, 13 years ago, joined us. Everyone was doing speedwork, but I'm still not fully recovered from my ITBS injury so I'm scared to try any speed yet.

My energy level seemed high in the beginning...maybe due to me starting over taking my RynoPower Supplements. My pace was even a little faster than it has been for me still having discomfort...not that I'm a speed demon or anything! I think I had a couple of very brief walking moments, but still made it 4 miles!  It's PROGRESS! I'll take it! I can feel my spirits starting to lift...the old me starting to come back!

After my run, I figured I'd do some P90x abs since I was already sweaty & my energy level was not totally depleted (by the end...that was a different story).
One day maybe I'll feel like this...
Since this was my last Monday of Summer Break to spend with my husband, we headed to Memphis for a little shopping, lunch, a movie, and TCBY yogurt.
        Some of my shopping finds:
  • a signature stamp I had made at Office Depot with my signature...can't wait to use this!
  • Bath & Body Works White Mango Chill shower gel & lotion for $5 each, plus birthday gifts for my mom
  • at Dick's Sporting Goods: Nike 3" Dash Running Shorts for $21.99 (a little shorter than I'm used to), a jumper's knee strap, Grape Nuun, & Gu Chomps...I had a $30 reward check to spend

I couldn't tell you the last time we went to the movies! We were both trying to think of the last movie we saw in the theater & couldn't. We saw The Heat...lots of language, but hilarious!

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