Saturday, July 27, 2013

Matchy-Matchy or Stylin' & Profilin'?

Earlier this morning, I was looking at and ran across a slide show titled Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas ( As I was looking through the pictures, I discovered that apparently I am GUILTY of one of these! It's called being Matchy-Matchy. Even one of my running buddies refers to me as "MATCHY-MATCHY". I guess I didn't realize it was actually a faux pas...I just thought I was stylin' & profilin'. 

Here is Matchy-Matchy according to Runner's World...
And this is ME, and Chloe, after this morning's run around the neighborhood...
Matchy-Matchy? Well...yeah...but is it a fashion faux pas? I don't know! Let's dissect this picture...
  • my Nike shorts are a pink/fuschia with yellow & teal/turquoise trim
  • my Swiftwick socks are a pink/fuschia
  • my Nike sports bra, though hard to see, is also a pink/fuschia
  • my Breakaway Running (local Memphis running store) North Face tank is teal/turquoise with pink lettering
  • my Bani Bands headband is made of turquoise sequins
  • my shorts also have yellow...nothing else yellow in this pic, but I do have a yellow top that matches :)'s all about getting your money's worth!
  • my Mizunos do not match the outfit, but if you look real close you'll see that the band of my RoadId is purple just like my shoes
So my question to YOU is this...AM I GUILTY OF BEING A FASHION FAUX PAS VICTIM? Should Runner's World have just called me for a pic? Is matching so wrong? Anybody else match their running gear?
**I guess looking at my profile pic, it's pretty matchy-matchy too. Am I secretly being laughed at when I run a race?


  1. No way. I'm matchy matchy too and I love it. If I'm going to spend the money, I want to look cute!

  2. I don't think your outfit is matchy matchy because you have many more colors in your outfit. He just has two colors. You are definitely stylin and profilin!

  3. Haha I don't think you are too matchy-matchy. My running faux pas is definitely TOO MUCH COLOR! The other week at my running group someone started counting the colors I had was a bit ridiculous. Blue shorts, black and teal shirt, lime green sports bra, purple compression sleeves, pink shoes, pink kt tape...YIKES! Rainbow Brite much?