Saturday, March 9, 2013!

I can't remember...Sesame Street or Electric Company?

I do remember a certain someone...*ahem*...Coach Ruthie, saying last Saturday that today's long run would be easier...less hills, since we both have half-marathons to run next Sunday. Let me just say...THERE WAS NOTHING EASY ABOUT IT!

We ran 12 miles. 6 miles or so around the neighborhood, with some hills. Around mile 5 I had to head back to the house to change into a short-sleeve shirt (much warmer than I thought...'bout time) & put on my Zensah ankle support (been having some ankle issues for a while and my tape wasn't helping much today).

We headed out to the highway & decided to take the opposite direction. Man, what a hill! We turned off the highway and ran a busy (for the time of morning) little stretch of road with yet ANOTHER hill! Then we ran by the school I teach at. Did some sidewalk running through part of our town on one of our main streets that turns into the highway. Headed back down that big hill on the highway. I've never run this way, so it was a new adventure for me...just wish I could've enjoyed it more!

I struggled some today. Pace was pathetic, though I wasn't really trying for speed. Had to walk a few times due to my ankle. I'm hoping my ankle doesn't give me fits during the Half next Sunday! If the pain continues (which is only when I run), I guess I'll be getting it checked out soon...probably wait until after my trip to Jamaica, which is at the end of the month. Scared of what they could tell me, so I don't want anything interfering with my fun!


  1. Definitely get that ankle looked at! Wishing you all the best in your upcoming Half!! :)

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it'll go well...keeping fingers crossed with the ankle. I'll be running, or I guess you could say starting, this race alone. My training partner is running one in Georgia. We ran the first 3 miles or so together, then I left her & ran by myself. I think it's a security thing...knowing there's a friend starting it with you. I know I'll recognize some faces, but it won't be the same.