Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dirty Dozen

Today was LONG RUN day!

I began my morning with some yoga. I discovered a new yoga series on Runner's World called Power Yoga for Runners that I am really enjoying. I've done it a few times now...not that difficult. They also have Essential Yoga & Core Yoga that I plan to try soon.

I then met up with my neighborhood running buddies. We ran about 4 miles together in the neighborhood, then I headed out to the cross over and run the grounds of our Mental Institution.
Quite blurry, but it says Western Mental Health Institute.
Main Building
What a shame that they knocked the side wings down years ago. Reminds me of an old university.
There's something eerily peaceful about running these grounds. Most of the old buildings are now run down & empty, which almost seems asylum-like. Makes me wonder what kind of stories the walls of those buildings could tell.
It was a gorgeous day for running a dozen miles! Every time I run 12 miles, I can't get this little ditty out of my head...

Anyone remember this?

Back to the gorgeous day...perfect weather for running! Especially after the Polar Vortex we were in earlier this week & the weird January thunderstorm we had last night. It was warmer than I thought. So much so that I sweat my heart out...
So it was really "boob sweat" in the shape of a heart.

There was nothing easy about this run. I had to take a few walk breaks, but I got it done!
Looking a HOT MESS, but glad to be done!
Tattoos & Argyle...what a combo!
If it wasn't for Rocktape, I don't think I'd make it through my runs.

There are a few ways I recover after a run...
  • drink chocolate milk
  • eat some yogurt or a protein bar
  • foam roll & stretch
  • soak in the tub with Dr. Teals while enjoying a cup of hot green tea
  • have Brunch since it's usually around noon before I sit down to eat a meal
Dr. Teal's & green tea in a Wonder Woman mug...can't get much better than this!
This is my Stone Wave omelet. I bought my husband one for Christmas as a joke, but this thing REALLY WORKS & it's so easy!
Blueberry bagel with Chocolate Smackaroon Pocket Fuel...YUM!


Only 2 more long runs before I head to New Orleans for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Half!



  1. Awesome job! I 100% agree about rocktape--it's a life saver! Love that argyle tape!

    1. Thanks Amy! Luckily my PT can get Rocktape for me pretty cheap. She ordered me 3 new boxes...don't know what designs...I just said something funky. I also have pink camo that's pretty cool. I'm hoping she ordered the pink & purple argyle. Have you ever tried their Rock Sauce? I'm curious about it.

  2. You got a good recovery plan with the chocolate milk, stretch, foam roll, etc. I am guilty of not doing any of that. Boo.